German Tax - Zusammenfassende Meldung (ZM)


We received a letter from German tax office regarding Zusammenfassende Meldung (ZM) which they say needs submitting for Q1. All our German sales are declared and filed through the Amazon service, and I’m not sure what this notice means, what we need to do or if it’s a mistake, so I asked our Amazon tax agent and received this response;

"Dear Seller

Amazon VAT services include the submissions of EC sales list sending alongside with VAT returns on each month in the German. This letter is just a reminder from the DE tax office that EC sales list need to be submitted.

Bear in mind it is a seller’s responsibility to inform Amazon VAT Services when the threshold for the Intrastat has been reached.

If you need assistance to file Intrastat returns, please contact VAT service on Amazon via Seller Central Contact us -> VAT and Tax->Get help on VAT registration and VAT filing via Amazon

Best Regards"

Ok so I send the same question for VAT filing via Amazon and get this response;

"Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that you received letter from German Tax Office.

For any Tax authorities related communication, please reach out to Tax Agent Partner by Seller Central > Reports > Manage your VAT > FAQ > I have a question related to Tax office notices. How can I get support? > Message Tax Agent"

I’d originally asked the Tax agent and they sent me to Amazon filings, who sent me back to the Tax agent.

I’m obviously concerned as I’ve received an official looking letter with the threat of fines and no answer as to what I need to do!


I dont know if this is the case here - but others who are signed up with Avalara (Amz partner) have posted similar, and if Q1 is before you signed up with them then Avalara do not fill in and submit back returns due before they were set up. I think Germany work on a full year’s requirement not from when you might have officially started submitting returns.

Maybe wrong here of course.


Thanks we signed up in 2019 so Q1 2020 should be filed. Having reopened the case with seller support I received a call to tell me that it is filed and there is no action necessary, despite the reminder. I’ve had them put this writing too, just in case!