GERMAN VAT and other european FBA problems


Dear seller,

According to the amendments in the German VAT Code (Sec. 22f UStG), Amazon must obtain a Tax Certificate from sellers who are required to be tax registered in Germany. This also applies to sellers who are already VAT registered in Germany.

This above message has been mentioned before on here. I filled in the declaration saying we did not need to register for VAT in Germany.

We have turned our sales to france, spain, italy, and germany on permanent holiday setting. We never had huge sales anyway, and got fed up with too many INR.

We have some items FBA which I thought we had closed as well.

To my surprise 5 minutes after filling in amazon declaration i noticed an FBA sale on, I looked and the listing is there, translated in Italian.

When i look to each europlean marketplace our FBA listings are there. How to we turn these countries off? Do i go into > FBA inventory - and close the listings and do the same for other countries or is there another way to turn all these listings off? Most of the listings are actually inactive but I’m worried if we ship more in to FBA they will end up on the other european marketplaces again so we need to end them before falling foul of amazon or european VAT regulations.

We have taken over this company back in march and are now approaching need to register for VAT in UK so don’t want to get complicated with other european VAT right now.


Are you enrolled in the PAN-European program? If yes, then your FBA inventory might be stored in any of the countries on the list without you being aware of it. These could be customer returns as well.


Go to settings, select FBA from the drop down.

Check to make sure PAN european is disabled (PAN-european triggers an automatic requirement to register for VAT in all marketplaces as stock is stored locally)

Where it says allow inventory to be stored in other countries that should be set to UK only.

That said all my settings are set correctly and I still get reminders to register for German VAT even though I’ve filled the exemption form in several times.


hi Kika, im not really sure if we are registered in PAN-European program, I think that we were but stopped it. When I go onto the PAN-European FBA page it just says " New to Pan-European FBA? Here’s help to get you started." I cannot see any settings to show if we are already a part of the program.

I was assuming that as it asked us to “get started” then we were not registered but wanted to be sure. I cant understand why why have listings in FBA for etc. Are they stored in UK or abroad?


Check this page to see if you are enrolled in the PAN-European program:


Thanks, that is it sorted now. It said that PAN european was not enabled but other countries were selected for storing products. I have disabled PAN european countries and setting completely now.


Try going to Reports-Fulfilled by Amazon. find daily inventory history** select download and either last day and if that does not work select last three days. this give you the stock and which countries your stock is in. I m now 8 months into turning of Pan European. and still have stock all over Europe. The joke is that the benefit was sold as being nearer to the customer, not sure how close inventories in Slovakia and Poland are to support that objective?


PAN-European program is about having your inventory available to customers all around Europe so storing it in Central European countries (with cheaper labour expenses and shipping costs) is very reasonable.


I got stock in .de because of FBA as well with no vat. How can I get the stock back?



I already replied to your question in the other thread: