German Vat EMAIL


Hi All,

I have applied for the tax certificate and German Vat. After 8 weeks I received the certificate but not the VAT number, I have no contact number to contact. I called the tax office they said VAT section is different, anyone know an email I can contact to ask about the VAT?



To the Address below for all UK/GB and Isle of Man businesses :-

Finanzamt Hannover-Nord
Vahrenwalder Str. 206
30165 Hannover

E- mail


Thanks Angel,

That is the section I called, they are not replying to my email, and when I called them they said nothing to do with us!


Your forum name sounds American, if you are, then it would be a different tax office, just a thought. :thinking:


Not my store name. I am from the UK


Well in that case, it looks like the German tax office is giving you the runaround (makes a change from it being Amazon) :wink: