Germany FBA Suspended


I had an email over night saying that Germany FBA has been disabled because I do not have a VAT number but I am storing stock there. It is requesting I am uploading a VAT number for Germany.

I don’t have a VAT number for Germany as I don’t do FBA there.

Looks like a return found its way back to Germany in the last few days. I check once a month and do disposal orders for anything sitting outside of the UK so I know it only happened since the start of the month.

Anyway I have done a disposal order for this one item.

My question is does anyone know if this is taken any further. Does the suspension of FBA in Germany just remain there or do Amazon expect action to be taken and if it doesn’t then do they suspend accounts?


So you haven’t send any items to Germany FBA but they found some of your items in their warehouse and sending them back to you? I don’t get it.


Hi, Smiley, we have had the same, dont do fba in Germany either, how did you did you do a disposal order?


I don’t send to Amazon FBA Germany only to UK

They have found a single item in Germany. I have had this in the past and when queried it is normally a customer return.

I have done a disposal order for the single item in Germany.

This scenario happened to me a few times last year and I just do a disposal order for any items in Germany FBA.

The difference is this time is they have suspended FBA in Germany and asking for a valid VAT number. If this is the worst that happens I am not bothered but I am worried they will escalate it and suspend my account in Germany with possible knock on for the UK


You can do it via a file upload. Information on this is here


It won’t be taken any further, but they will disable your access to FBA in Germany, until you upload a VAT number.
The exact same thing happened to me previously.
The strange things is, a few months ago, they reopened access to using EFN, even though I have this on my account.


If you get suspended in one marketplace this does not have any impact on other marketplaces. I think the only time it can have a knock on effect is if you get your primary marketplace suspended then this may have a knock on effect to the other marketplaces.


Thank you that is reassuring…it did just worry me that they would take it further. I have no intention of doing FBA in Germany in the foreseeable future so will just ignore for now.