Get rid of campaigns


Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there is a way to delete a sponsered campaign that I don’t wish to use anymore?
I have opened and closed many campaigns and it is quite hard to find my active campaign between the many cancelled ones.


I would create a portfolio and move all the cancelled campaigns into that portfolio, then they are not in your way. As for deleting the campaigns, I do not know, hence why I keep them in a portfolio lol


But every time you login to your advertisement account you have to select the portfolio you want to view, correct?


If you only create one portfolio, called “delete” then when you log on it should take you to the standard view, not the portfolio


Got that thanks.
It’s weird though that Amazon does not offer a simple feature as “delete”…


I know - I’m sure there’s a way, but asking SS got me no-where.


Hi, just filter on enabled, thats what i do.

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