Getting authorised to sell In a specific category


I have been trying to get authorised to sell under a specific category for several weeks now, and despite getting A reply stating I would have an answer within 2-3 business days and that was 10 days ago.
Any idea if there is a escalation process or is it just “Amazon time”?


Things are taking longer at the moment - could be a few weeks. Probably a bit longer if your name is indicative of the category.


Thank you, hopefully won’t be too long to wait. I get they are probably inundated, I guess it’s managing expectations.


Still waiting… 2-3 business days since 22 of July, it’s now the 10th of August. I am also worried someone will half check it ask for more info and then back to the end of the line for another few weeks. We have products in stock and provided invoices and pictures. Products that either are not currently sold on Amazon or show unavailable.

Isn’t there anyone we can contact to get an update?