Getting in touch with Amazon Customer Service


How does on actually speak to customer service without paying an absolute fortune in phone calls . Is there actually a phone number that isnt a premium rate number . Thats not customer service is robbery


Do you use 0800 496 1081?


If you use the help function in seller central you can request a phone call - ie they call you.

What number have you been using?


no the only one i could find listed was 09115060120 which was a premium number .


I just dialed that number you gave me and thats coming up as an incorrect number


You are ringing from UK?


0800 496 1081 is actually for buyers but they transfer you to Seller Support.



Thanks for your post.

If you are trying to contact Seller Support you can do so through your seller account. You need to click on this link [Get support |] and then select the most appropriate option from the list and you should have an option for a phone contact. You enter your phone number and you will be called back.

If you are trying to contact the Customer Services team you can do this through your buyer account by clicking on help and the ‘Need More Help?’ option in the table at the end of the page and then ‘Contact Us’. You need to select the most appropriate options and then in the +How would you like to contact us?+ section you can select phone.

I hope this helps.




I ring it (almost) every day.

Sorry, meant for jacuzzisuzy

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