Gift ideas on - how to get in here?


Quick question:
Hopefully you can see on this picture above what I mean.
On the homepage, there’s a gift ideas option for buyers. How do I get featured in this?
My product is aimed to be a gift…
Thanks in advance:


Hi Andrea,
This is purely at Amazon’s discretion and there’s nothing you can do to guarantee that your product is selected to be showcased.
All you can do is ensure that your metrics and feedback are excellent and that your account (as Amazon would say) is in good standing.
I’d also hazard a guess that being an FBA seller, international and high selling, will help influence their decision as well as perhaps the odd MFN offering a gift wrapping service etc…who knows how their algorithms work?
What you will notice is that many of these products are already top ranking bestsellers and already have the Amazon’s choice badge.

I wish you luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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