Global sales uk registered


I have recently sent my inventory to amazon i wasn’t aware of global sales but the seller app is showing global sales, is this what i have sold? help anyone


I don’t use the app too often as i find it a bit clunky, but where are you seeing “global sales”?


Thanks for your reply…So on the home page of the app it shows GPB sales today and then half way down the page it shows global sales, sometimes its the same but other times it shows more in global that gbp? I suppose i just need to know if this is sales of mine or not?


It is likely that you’ve had orders from the other EU sites. Are you listed on the other sites? It’s worth checking as the fees involved in sending stock from UK FBA to fulfil orders from the EU sites can be crippling if not expected and budgeted for.


Well no I haven’t checked because I didn’t realise, silly question but how do I check? If fab have already given a price to deal then surely they can charge me more? can they?


I didn’t ever request to be global


There may be a way on the app but i don’t use it. Easiest would be to log into your account on a computer and look at whether there have been EU sales or even search for your products on the other sites yourself.

EFN sales have a higher FBA fee (almost double in some cases) as they are sending the stock out of the UK.

If you want to give me an ASIN i can take a look.


ok you could try for me, do you work for amazon? you seem very clever…


No to both Amazon and being very clever, but yeah let me have one of your ASINs and i’ll look.


Do you have a phone number ??


Try this B08M4HDFM9 this is one item i have on there


I’ve only checked France and you have four products listed there. If they are listed in France then it is likely they are also listed on the other sites too.


If you want to stop them then you’d need to go into each marketplace’s inventory and close them. On the app click the little arrow next to your name to see the other marketplaces. Alternatively, if you’re happy to sell there, you can also just adjust the prices for each marketplace.


Thank you so much for checking, when you say close it or change it, if i still want to sell there do i need to make the delivery charge more because I’m on fba and i thought they covered it?


You don’t make the delivery charge more as with FBA you don’t have / can’t set delivery fees. The Amazon fees for FBA are largely split into two - the referral fee which is a set %age of the price and the FBA / fulfilment fee which is based on the size and weight of the item. (there are exceptions, but that’s for another day)

As an example, your fulfilment fee is £2.32 for the ASIN you gave me, which is a standard parcel weighing less than .5kg. When someone from one of the EU sites buys that same jumper from their site (not the UK site) Amazon will increase that part of the fee to around £4.47 (when converted from Euros to £).

So, depending on your margins, the level of competition etc, you make a decision whether to increase the total price and, if so, by how much.


Also is there anything i can do to make sure that everything is being bought from the uk site?


The problem with selling the rubbish ones (your words) is too much negative feedback can get your account closed. I see you’ve already gotten a negative and with limited orders your metrics can get hit super hard quite quickly.

If it were me i’d remove all the tat and chalk it up as a learning experience.

As i mentioned above:


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