Goods damaged by warehouse and overchanrging of FBA fees


I am seeking a product that has a ridiculously high FBA fee. I can’t seem to get seller support to change the fee to the normally accepted price.

Being totally ripped off at the moment on fees and I am now
Pulling my hair out and even shed a few tears today! Being going on for well over a month now.

I have tried opening a case and explaining the issue, but they don’t seem understand.

Is it me, or are the seller support staff hopeless :weary:


It’s you :man_shrugging:

But seriously, no it’s not just you. Seller support are hopeless in many situations and unfortunately this seems to be one of those where they are out of their comfort zone.


Think i have managed to get some help with this, after over one month of hitting a brick wall.

The product dimensions on my listing were changed ‘by someone’, about 3 weeks after the item arrived at the Tilbury warehouse.

When the item was first shipped into Tilbury the FBA fees were OK, but I queried the weight of the item and Seller support opened a case. My Helium 10 tool noticed that someone has made an update to my the dimensions in the listing and the FBA fee jumped by almost and extra £2.00 !

I now have to sell a plastic toilet brush for £7.97 and I pay a massive FBA fee of £6.02 inc taxes. So my final payout is only £1.95, when before it was around £.4.01 !!

Luckily the agent also noticed that someone had tampered with my listing about 3 weeks after it arrived in the warehouse and she is trying to help me fix the FBA fee issue and obtain a refund for about 60 items that have been sold with excessive fees.

I had to give her a sales order number from when the FBA fees were normal and then another sales order number with the excessive fees. Only then, could she help me out and escalate the issue.

Watch this space …


If the items are now showing the wrong dimensions and being charged too high then you need to request a cubiscan [as long as there is stock in FBA for them to actually scan]
This will then hopefully correct the problem.