Hand label application tool wanted


I’m not sure if this is the best forum to post - but I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

So we have the Zebra GK420d label printer. It works well. We can design and print out our barcodes into strips. Currently, I have to take each label off manually and apply to our product boxes. The problem I’m finding is that sometimes the labels unstick themselves on the edges. After reading up on it, there seems to be 2 issues:

  1. The labels are not sticky enough. I’m not sure it’s this, as we were for the maximum “stickiness” labels we could find.
  2. That we are getting oil from fingers on the sticky side of the label when removing it. This then causes them not to be as sticky as they should be

So someone suggested we should try a label application, like so:

The issue with this, is that it relies on a roll of labels (which we don’t have). Can anyone suggest a good tool that will let us apply the labels without touching the sticky side? And on a strip (not roll)




Use a pair of tweezers. Bend the backing paper off the label (without touching the label) and peel off with the tweezers, apply and then press the label down. You will know then if the labels are “sticky” enough as you won’t have handled them with the natural grease in your fingers. If they stick, presto…just means it will be a bit slower with tweezers but it does work. If they don’t stick then the labels are not suitable.


Ah now thats a good idea! I’ll give it a go and see if it helps :slight_smile: I’ve tried multiple suppliers for the labels, and they all seem to have an issue.

Another possible part could be the fact we use Kraft style boxes - but I’m sure labels must be able to stick on those, as thousands of suppliers use those boxes now


Well, I did it on a test box using tweezers. It stayed on fine overnight (unlike the ones I did by hand, that have started to peel on both edges)

So my question now then - where can I find a label applier that will work with strips? (like below, after the printer has printed them)




Well, that’s the first part of the equation solved, ie the stickiness of your labels. At least you know now that it is the grease from your skin that was causing the issue. As to the second part of your equation, ie where to find a suitable labelling tool, all I can suggest is a trawl of Amazon and other online platforms. It could be a long haul unfortunately but I wish you well.