Handling/lead time for orders


My handling time in shipping settings is set to 1 day yet on the product listing it currently shows expected delivery as December 15 - 17 which is nonsense. If placed today my orders will be with the customer 14 - 15. On the fulfillment insight dashboard it says
" Your customers received packages
2.6 days before
the promised delivery date that they expected."
Why can’t I reduce the expected delivery date on my listing? It’s basically got me as having a 2-3 day handling time even though it’s set to 1.


Because amazon set the delivery dates shown to customers based on what info RM are feeding them about delays in certain depots

If you change the buyer postcode on the buyers view, you’ll possibly see the dates change


Thanks - but they are not taking into account my delivery method, unfortunately.


They’re not taking into account anyone’s unfortunately


I’m having the opposite issue. We need 2-3 days handling time and Amazon are only allowing us 1 day. It was my understanding that handling time is the time you have BEFORE shipping.

On all my orders I getting an order in (for example) on Wednesday 8th. Our ship date states Wednesday 8th to be delivered by Friday 10th. Unfortunately, we won’t get to ship it until Friday 10th.

I’ve changed the handling time to 4 days and this hasn’t done a thing. What am I doing wrong?


Have you activated the new automated shipping settings ?


Yes I have. I can’t remember what it does but I’ll go have read now.


Sorry I can’t help with changes on it as I never set it up (I couldn’t get my head around it tbh) but that may be overriding your own settings


It does seem to be. If it’s not a requirement then I may just turn it off. Thanks


Hi all,

Just to add a bit more info regarding Shipping Settings Automation, it can help you quickly create shipping templates with multiple delivery regions and applicable transit times to each delivery region.

Amazon will dynamically calculate the transit time from your ship from location to a customer location by applying the applicable transit time of the carrier shipping service you use.

Amazon will periodically refresh your shipping templates to reflect the latest delivery speed of carrier shipping service levels using most recent carrier delivery capabilities data, so that you will have updated shipping settings without manually maintaining your shipping templates by yourself.

Shipping Settings Automation supports:

  • Transit time automation for domestic Self-fulfilled Standard Shipping.
  • Shipping region automation for domestic Seller Fulfilled Prime One-Day Shipping and Two-Day Shipping

However, if it is affecting you, you can always turn it off as it is not a requirement.

You can visit the help page for more insight.