Handmade Application Keeps Crashing?


Afternoon. Trying to apply for Handmade and getting stopped at the first hurdle. I can upload my first image for the application but the page freezes and times out when I try to add a second. This happens each and every time.

All my images .JPG are UNDER 500kb so they are not too large to process. I have tried uploading all 3 of the images first to make sure they are acceptable sizes/formats and they are, so the files are not the issue.

Anyone have any suggestions? Amazon support is obviously not helping me at all with this. Thanks.


When applying, make sure all your images are clear and high resolution. Then for multiple pages ensure they are scanned and saved as a single PDF document.


Hello Maker,

Thank you for reaching out and giving us visibility of your concern! Could you please try one more time and let me know if the issue persists?

I look forward to your response.

Best regards,