Handmade Billing problems


Well, I registered as a seller, then as ‘Handmade’. Got charged the sub fee, then got it refunded as a ‘Handmade’.

Then, I started getting charged fees, and attempts to charge fees from all over the world. Poland, Netherlands, Japan, Australia.

So far £78 has gone out of my account as subscription fees and wasting so much time trying to get it back.

Now I’m trying just to close it all, not a great experience at all. I’m quite sure I have done some thing wrong. It’s a shame because my products really are handmade entirely by me (commissioned wheel-thrown pottery, mostly with dog themes). Think I’ll be sticking with Etsy.


You probably registered to sell internationally on all marketplaces for Amazon.
Here’s some info. on Global accounts:
"What is a Global Account?

A global account enables Amazon sellers to sell in various marketplaces around the world from a single account. A global account does not require participation in all of these marketplaces.

How do I remove all of these marketplaces if I didn’t sign up for them?

Users are not currently able to remove marketplaces from their accounts. If you do not wish to participate in a marketplace, please do not add any listings to the marketplace. For details about marketplace fees, click the link below: Monthly subscription fee FAQ

Will I be charged the subscription fee for all of these marketplaces?

Subscription fees are only charged for marketplaces with active listings. For details about subscription fees, please read more here: Monthly subscription fee FAQ"

Go to settings and from the drop down click on Global accounts to get you to this.
I haven’t a clue where they appear on your dashboard as listed as I only signed up for UK marketplace.
Hopefully someone will come along who can help you who sells on other market places.


Thank you Lesley, much appreciated.


And one thing I would say, if you can sort this out - don’t give up, Amazon is a whole different beast than Etsy - seller metrics are everything! There always seems to be something that you need to action because of a legal change/Amazon change etc BUT I began selling on here before Amazon Handmade and had a professional account, and my sales on here are massively over what I would ever have achieved on Etsy - so much so that I just didn’t bother renewing my Etsy listings because last Christmas I really struggled to keep up with orders.
I thought I’d be able to use the year to make sufficient stock for Christmas this year, but it’s still selling well and given that this does better than my own website, I still have many, many items out of stock on my website because I haven’t had the time to make them.
The more listings you have naturally the better and then you’ll find that if one item sells, it’s at the ‘top’ and you should find that that particular product keeps selling (especially if it gets a positive product feedback) - so I always try to have at least 3 items ready made of each product, so that as soon one sells, I’m making another one, so as not to risk it disappearing from searches.

Good luck with sorting out the other sites and good luck with selling on UK (it will take a while before your products are maybe found, but once they are - it really is worth it).


Thanks Lesley. TBH, my faith has been damaged, the fees being taken by Aus and Japan, now I can’t seem to get in to even query them. My business is so handmade, so labour intensive and it’s just me, so any time-consuming nonsense from a selling platform like Amazon just now, I know it’s prob me not understanding how it all worked, but it scares me, to end up wasting so much time just trying to get through. Might be different if I could have spoken with someone, I know they can’t do that. Thank you again :slight_smile:


I can’t help with the refund of the £78, but seller central for Handmade are pretty quick at getting back to you - go into help (top right), scroll to the bottom, get support - and when you fill in the details (under the Handmade questions) put your phone number in and they’ll call you.
Here’s a link I found from another person with the same query

The response is from an experienced seller.
Shipping templates are under Account (top right) shipping settings. I used to sell internationally until 1/7/21 (Brexit) and I just deleted the template.
Holiday settings are under Settings - account info.
All the best,