Handmade fee waiver


I am a new Handmade Seller on Amazon and I have received a message of the 25 fee waiver for Handmade Sellers, but few days later I was actually charged that fee? Is that a one time only in the beginning or how does this work? I appreciate any information.


Hi BeelkyStore.
Yes, we had the same thing. a one-off fee of £25.00 plus VAT.

Once you are accepted as a handmade seller, contact support (under help, top left in Seller central and request a refund.

It took a while for us to get the £30.00 refunded but we did get it.

Also, as a new seller, look out for any promotion credits to use for Amazon Ads.

Hope that helps and good luck!

David J


Thank you very much for your help!


Thanks for sharing your experience @Atelier_Fontasia!


Hello @BeelkyStore thanks for using Seller Foroums!

Happy selling on Amazon! :slight_smile: