Handmade is launching a new listing experience that enables variations!


A new listing experience is launching over the next few weeks for Handmade, starting on April 6th. If you don’t see the feature in your Seller Central account right away, rest assured, it’s coming soon! The new listing experience is launching in phases and we will send additional communications as soon as the new tool is available for everyone.

The new listing experience will enable variations, which is one of the top feature requests from our Handmade community! Variations are related products in terms of size, color, metal type, etc. that show up together on a single detail page. Good variation relationship listings allow customers to compare and choose products based on different attributes options.

Look out for more emails on the new listing experience! We will be sharing out more tips and best practices to help you transition your eligible products to variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I request access to the new listing experience?

No. The new listing experience is rolling out over the course of a few weeks. Handmade Support cannot manually add the new listing experience to your account.

  • Am I required to update my products?

You are not required to make any changes to your products. The new listing experience will not affect your current listings. You can choose to update your products to utilize the new variation feature if it makes sense for your business.

  • How do I create variations using the new listing tool?

Handmade created and on-demand webinar & help videos to walk you through common use cases for variations:

Webinar: Getting Started with Variations!

Video: Variations Overview

Video: How to create a variation

Video: How to add an existing ASIN to a variation family

Video: How to add a custom ASIN to a variation family

  • What is changing with customized listings?

In the new custom listing experience, you will first create the product listing, save and publish. Then go back to the “Manage Inventory” and click the “Edit” drop down on the ASIN and select “Add/Edit Customization Options” to add customization to your listings.

  • My products are in FBA, can I convert them to variation families?

Yes! Changing FBA products from a single detail page to a variation family does not change the ASIN or SKU of the product and can be updated without removing inventory from the fulfillment centers.


Hi all, you can use this thread to post any feedback, questions or share tips about the new listing experience and variations with other Makers in the Handmade community! We’re gathering insight daily to make this feature launch a success for you all :blush:


I checked my inventory on a small tablet last night and noticed a new heading ‘Custom Products’ in Manage Inventory. I came onto the desktop PC to go into each individual one to check them this morning and there is no ‘Custom Products’ showing. Checked on laptop and not there either. It is still on tablet though with 'Manage Custom Product Listing. I cannot work efficiently on a small tablet. Could this explain the lack of sales?


It seems ok and pretty striaght forward.

Only issue is for every variation you add it sends out an email to say it has been listed.

So if your listing has 20 variations, you get spammed with 20 emails.

Just 1 email saying it has been listed with the variations on it.


My listing is also doing this now it is complete.

I don’t want to have ‘A Thousand Wishes’ in my product title.
It is in the variations and I can’t work out how to remove it from the product title because it isn’t even typed in the product title part.


What’s the point of this, I already had a custom variation option in the handmade section. All this “upgrade” has done is prevent me from editing my current variations. I’ve just sold a ring on another venue and now I can’t even edit the listing to show that there is a size option no longer in stock. It just states that “variations are not available in this category” when in fact they clearly are and are still being offered on my listings.


This change is so annoying, instead of listing in one go, I have to wait 15 minutes for it to appear so i can add customisations, what is the point it worked fine as it was and now its just time consumming and the info for customisations does not copy as before, so more info to fill in and not to mention the time lag means I have to I have to keep going back and forth and remembering which ones I had done… its bad enough having to re-upload all my photos with white backgrounds and now this.


I don’t need variations what I actually need is the customisations function to work how it did.

When I copy a listing, I need the customisations to be copied as well. Copying a listing used to copy the customisations now with this variations change it doesn’t.

I need the customisations to be visible within editing the listing, not as a separate drop-down edit after the listing has been created as the customisations is a key part of the product listing process for me.

I need to be able to edit the customisations when the item quantity is zero. When clicking on the drop down edit button to select “Add/Edit Customisation Information” it doesn’t let you add or edit customisations unless the quantity is more than zero. It’s really not a good idea to have to set a quantity on an item that needs customisations before those customisations are added. It’s therefore quite feasible for someone to purchase the item, without any customisation information being provided to the seller as the seller can’t set it up before having to make it available.

This change is far more time consuming to actually add more listings. Today I created a new listing (copied a pre-existing one). After I edited in the main edit area and saved it, I had to change the quantity to 1 so that I could add the customisations as otherwise, you get “Error - Your offer is not buyable. Please verify that your offer is buyable before adding customisation.” I then had to wait approx 15 minutes before I stopped getting the error message and was able to add the customisations, so leaving a listing not fully completed but purchasable when I don’t want it to be as it still needs customisations added for that entire length of time. After adding the customisations, I was then presented with another warning that the customisations could take up to 30 minutes to show on the listing. So then I had to change the quantity back to 0, wait at least 30 minutes before changing the quantity to 1 to check whether the listing is now showing customisations correctly, once it is I can then change the quantity to what I actually need it to be.

So listing just one item, fully and properly including making sure the customisations are added properly took 45 minutes to do. Plus being forced to have the listing available for purchase in order to add the customisations that are actually required for purchasing the item is completely back to front - the customisations need to be set up first. So please can you fix the customisations so that they can be added before making a listing available for purchase!!!


This new custom products page is pointlessly tedious. It was fine before. The only improvement I wanted was the ability to show an actual quantity for each option and also an out of stock notice when appropriate. Making an option just disappear when it is out of stock whilst a listing may still refer to it is just confusing for customers.

Because of this limitation I keep my real inventory levels on ebay and usually just show a quantity of one available on amazon.


I am totally confused with the variations feature. I have watched all videos and configure my listings following instructions…now it seems totally a mess
Which listing “Variation Family” or child variation is appearing in search results?
Where add search terms, product description, bullet points on child listing or parent family? How about pictures? Both my child listings have pictures, but on search results shows that just 1 variation have pictures…
One of my listings shows product titles from parent listing ( not child listings title) same is with products descriptions…
As well I delete one variation family where were 3 variations and crate new with 2 variations but somehow in search results is shown 3 variations still and old Family titles and old product description on all my variations

very very confused

Would be grateful for any help


Just to add my voice to this very time consuming and tedious change, I have just received an email from the customisation team who have tried to convince me this change is a good one! This change seems such a backward step. Apparently the development team are working on the copy a handmade listing option but they do not know when this will be available.


Every single step of this new experience is more complicated and time consuming than it was before. :persevere::exploding_head:


I have to add my voice to this dreadful update, all my item are custom items and I have been very happy with the custom product option, the introduction of variations as far as I can see does not helpfully reflect a handmade custom item but is rather an attempt to push them into commodity listing where size or colour is the option.
It also does show any understanding of any sole craftspersons business model where they make, parcel, answer questions and list new products, the time it now takes to list an item on here makes no commercial sense to do so.
Having attempted to create a custom listing today I found it took over an hour to update and at this point 1 and half hours in the photos have still not fully updated and an inaccurate product is available to purchase. In comparison I have been able to add 20 products to three other platforms, make them available and sell 5 in the same time it’s taken to update. Sales are already dire on here but excessive time it now takes to add inventory makes this a very unattractive platform for the handcrafting community


i agree with everything said as i decided to list today for a long while as i have not listed much and i was in ga ga land and just left it .This is a strange carry on my other thoughts were is handmade at amazon going are they getting rid of it.


Why has something that was relatively simple been made into something so complicated. It is certainly a ‘new listing experience’ and one which will put me off listing any personalised products. It now takes me much longer to list anything as I have to put together a listing, publish it, wait for it to appear, go back in to edit it and add some personalisation boxes. On the previous system all that could be done in one go.

Is this really progress?


Hi Nancy,

It was exciting that Amazon were introducing variations for Handmade. But it listing only allows terms of each variation. Is there any possibility of adding photos for each variation?


Am I correct in saying that variation photos cannot be added?



As variation theme, photos cannot be added. However, they can be added within each variation child. Once you create your variation, you will need to open your variation within Manage Inventory and then you will be able to add photos for each child by clicking on the Edit button.


Sorry, I’m not understanding what you are saying. have an 1 year old handmade listing with 9 customisation options. This is what I see when try to edit the variation. I don’t see a child variation. Please help.



Variations and customisation are different feature. If your product already has custom information you will find this information within the dropdown menu next to the Edit button in Manage Inventory (Add/Edit custom information).

This information was not erased, it was just moved to this dropdown menu.

As per more information about this, you can always check this help page: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/G201817850?language=en_GB&ref=id_G201817850_cont_G201817280

Or reach our seller support team.