Handmade is launching a new listing experience that enables variations!


Hi Nancy,

Are variations available yet for handmade posters category?

When I go to the variations page, it says “Variations are not available for this category” so I am a bit confused.




You should be able to create variations for Handmade categories.

Make sure that you create a full new listing instead of using a listing from your inventory.

You can find the steps here:


I have one question.
I have a listing on Amazon Handmade with text entry customization.
If someone wants to buy 2 products I want that my customization to offer 2 different text entries (one for every product that he added in the cart).
Is this possible?
If yes can someone teach me how?




You are welcome to reach our seller support team. They will be able to guide you on how to create this type of customization.

You can do so by reaching them to the Contact Us feature from your seller account.

For more information on customization information for Handmade, please follow this link: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/G201817850


I totally agree with this, its has prevented me from listing a lot of new items i have due to the time constraint. Customisations should be added when the listing is put on, not after, its a very stupid and no other site is doing that, everything is put on in one go when you list. Come on Amazon change it back! do something nice for the sellers for once.


I can’t figure out how to link a variation to its photo. Now I’ve lost the main image of my item, and it just shows the “child” variation.
I’m going to get trolled for saying this but…I’m not a stupid person and I usually figure things out with not that much trouble. But the listing experience here is ridiculously obtuse and labyrinthine and I make stupid mistakes constantly, then have to wait ages to find out I’ve messed up my listing to the public view…because NOTHING about it is clear.


I think I managed to do that today - and it’s completely messed up the main image of the item, even though I added the picture to the “variation child” item.
I’m going to have to delete the entire parent listing and just create a new one not mentioning the variations, and list those separately.


I’m a freelance software developer for almost 30 years and these changes confuse the life out of me. Hard to believe this went through testing and was seen as an improvement. Here’s hoping they change things sometime soon.


My understanding is you create a new listing, go to variation and choose a variation theme, then enter a variation name for your listing, then enter the SKU of the listing that you want to add. You can add more SKUs (which are variations to this listing). You don’t have to add an image. The variation listing will automatically link with all the listings you have added to the variation page. When you successfully created the variation listing. The images are linked as well.