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@Priscilla_Amazon @Hazel_Amazon – I’m tagging you guys in the hope you could weigh in on the problem please?

This started over a week ago for me – for many other Handmade sellers too (both on UK and .com sites), though they are discussing it on FB forums rather than here unfortunately.

The identical problem was experienced by an awful lot of sellers on the .com Handmade site in September and the mods investigated - @Priscilla_Amazon I believe you were involved in dealing with it so I’m hoping you can work your magic on this side of the pond too! It took a few days but the problem did get fixed and the affected descriptions came back eventually it seems.

Link to the relevant thread on the US site is https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/t/anyone-know-why-the-descriptions-are-missing-from-some-of-the-listings/902879/30 - (disregard all the irrelevant ‘crystals’ posts)


After editing any listing, the descriptions and bullet points disappear on the Amazon store page that the customer sees, but not in the back end ‘edit’ section. Above the box where you can make edits it normally shows the existing item description and bullet points, however this has disappeared on all the affected listings.

Only listings that I have edited are affected - the descriptions and bullet points disappearing is prompted by making ANY edits at all to a listing.

I see this:

Customer sees this:

I’m unable to make any changes to any of my listings as A) the changes don’t go through (even though the changes ARE reflected on the seller central back end) and B) it will cause the description/bullet points to disappear.

I am aware from other kind people on the forums here that it’s not just Handmade having this issue, however the routes taken to try and resolve it for them aren’t applicable to Handmade so I’m stumped without further help, and the MANY cases I have already opened with handmade SS have been fruitless (not to mention wildly unrelated to the topic in hand for the most part)

Really hope you can help - thanks so much


Just as an update - SS have finally acknowledged that it’s a known technical problem on their end and will have an update soon


@Priscilla_Amazon Would you please be able to take a moment to look into this??

SS finally acknowledged it was a technical issue at their end and would get back to me - then the follow up to that yesterday was simply ‘list as generic’ from a totally different person on the thread and I seem to be back in the never-ending loop of pre-programmed stock answers again.


Hi @Gina_G, apologies on our delayed response. We failed to receive these notifications.

Would you be able to Direct/Private message me the ASINs that have been affected so we can look into this issue please?

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