Handmade Monthly Newsletter — August Edition


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Summer is officially here!

Each season contains opportunities for exciting adventures, but nothing beats summer! Sunny days are here, school is over, and there are countless activities for outdoor fun—whether you hang out at the beach, go on long walks or hikes, or entertain in your backyard with close friends.

Be sure you are letting your customers know about your products that tie in with summer adventures by promoting your them in social media! Post items from your store several times a week and on multiple platforms, be sure to include a link directly to those products, your Maker Profile, or Amazon Store. Don’t forget— our social media team is looking for opportunities to promote Handmade sellers that post great quality videos, so boost your visibility with hashtags #AmazonHandmade and #FoundItOnAmazon!

Lightning Deals are back!

After taking a hiatus to have “a little work done” , Lightning Deals are expected to be an option for Handmade sellers once again by August 13!

This couldn’t come at a better time. While submission timelines for holiday Lightning Deals haven’t been communicated yet, history tells us that they are likely coming soon!

Just Launched: Small Business Badge

We are so excited to have recently launched the Small Business Badge. This new badge shows Amazon’s commitment to small business success by making it easier for customers to discover and shop products from qualified Handmade and other small business sellers on product detail pages and in search results. Eligible small business sellers will see the badge displayed on products listed in the country they are based.

Click here to learn more about the Small Business Badge on Amazon.

Products sales stalling? Consider updating your images!

Shopping is a visual experience and your image quality, clarity, and composition can invite customers to take a closer look. Consider the following when updating your images and making the best possible first impression:

  • White backgrounds: Images must be on a pure white background, otherwise your listing may not display in customer search results. You can review any existing search suppressed listings at Fix Your Product.

  • Lifestyle images: Most sellers want to see at least 3-5 images to feel confident in their purchase so in addition to your main image, add alternate or “lifestyle” images that show your product being used, modeled, or displayed.

  • High resolution images: Blurry images are not appealing. Ensure your images are crisp, clear, and high resolution (1,600 pixels on the longest side). This will enable the zoom function on your images.

Taking these steps with your images will help improve the customer experience and your listing quality.

Check out these resources for additional information:

Seller Tip: Set Same-day Handling Time

Customers love to receive their products fast. A delivery date which is even one day earlier could be the difference between making a purchase or not.

Sellers can configure their account for same-day handling time as their default setting. This will shorten the delivery date shown to customers when they purchase products and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

To adjust to same-day handling go to Handling Time.

To further improve customer satisfaction and to make your selection more appealing, offer FREE shipping. Go to your Shipping Settings and set your shipping rates to £/€0.00.


Brand Name issues? We heard you!

In August, the Handmade team will be doing some work behind-the-scenes to ensure the correct Brand Name attribute is populated on all Handmade listings, so you may see some updates to your listings and detail pages, as a result.

We understand that sellers may have multiple approved brands so, based on your feedback, our efforts will include an update that will allow you to edit the Brand Name attribute yourself —as long as you are populating it with a brand name that you have been approved to use.

The Brand Name attribute is a required field as part of the listing process and is reserved for those sellers that have had their brand approved by Amazon Brand Registry or via Handmade’s Brand Feature Waiver. Sellers that have not had their brand name approved are required to select “This product does not have a brand name” , which will auto-populate the attribute with ‘Generic’. If you see Brand Name identified as ‘Generic’ , it’s likely because we couldn’t find an approved brand associated with your selling account.

For more information, see Amazon Brand Name Policy.

Social Media Tips

Video is trending! Amazon Handmade Social team wants to encourage sellers to share video content about their products! ​​​​​​Idea starters include behind the scenes of your process, products in use and storytelling around the origins of your handmade goods. Best practices include using good lighting, filming in a clutter-free space and limiting the video to 30 seconds or less!

Here are some examples:
Joyful Clay
Anemone Jewelry

Create your own video and tag us @amazonhandmade or use #AmazonHandmade for a chance to be featured on our social channel.

Amazon Advertising

Interested in launching your first advertising campaign but have no time to attend webinars? Watch this 10 minute introductory video and learn how to create Sponsored Products campaign.


Meet - MelvisMakes

"Hello, I’m Melvis and I handcraft a range of homewares, storage solutions and gifts from a wide range of bright and colourful fabrics.

If you’re looking for the perfect item, please contact me to see how I can help. I can provide you with fabric ideas to match your favourite colours and/or themes, to create an item as unique as you are."

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