Handmade Monthly Newsletter— June Edition


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Get ready for Dads and Grads Season!

One piece of advice that many fathers have passed on to graduates is – You only get one chance to make a good, first impression. Sage advice, Dad, and the best way for you to make a good, first impression with your ASINs is with your Product Titles .

Customers want to understand what is being sold instantly, not read through a lot of distracting language, so keep your titles short and succinct – unlike graduation ceremonies or your Dad’s stories.

Getting prepared for Prime Day 2022?

Make sure your business is fully prepared for the annual event with these essential tips:

  1. Make sure your featured products are well stocked so you’re ready to handle demand without running out of inventory.
  2. Submit coupon deals by June 10th.
  3. Due to ongoing global supply chain challenges, it might take longer than usual to ship inventory to fulfillment centers. Send shipments on time to ensure that they arrive at the correct fulfillment center in a timely manner.
  4. Plan a buffer in case of delays by shipping carriers.
  5. Ensure your main image is on a white background and add at least 4 lifestyle, alternative images from different angles. Learn more here.
  6. Write clear and concise product titles and bullet points.
  7. Optimize Search Terms and make it easier for customers to find your products.

Prime Day is coming!

Prime Day is one of Amazon’s biggest shopping events and to help you make the most of it, we want to share what Amazon Advertising has prepared for you.

Check out this guide and get ready for Prime Day 2022!

Stay tuned for emails exclusive to Prime Day information on Coupons and Prime Exclusive Discounts.


Are you using social media to promote your products?

It may seem obvious, but using social media to direct traffic to your listings, Amazon Store, or Maker Profile, will drive more interest in your products and may impact sales conversion.

We recommend posting images and videos of your items from your store, information about your products and how they are made, or stories about your brand several times a week. Don’t forget to post these on multiple platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. When you do, include a link to your Maker Profile or Amazon Store, and don’t forget to boost visibility with hashtags #AmazonHandmade and #FoundItOnAmazon.

Haven’t created A+ Content yet?

A+ Content helps you describe your product features by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements on your detail pages. This can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.

Not sure where to start?

  1. You need to have access to Brand features.
  2. Select A+ Content Manager from the Advertising menu on the Seller Central homepage.
  3. To add content, click Start creating A+ content and choose the content type you want to create:
  • Enhanced Product Description: More details on product features and uses to augment the bullet points and images in the main product detail page. These help customers make purchase decisions by proactively answering their questions.
  • Additional Content Types (Brand Story): Educate customers about the history of the brand, as well as its values and product line(s).

For a better customer experience, we recommend using BOTH because they serve different purposes; however, using Enhanced Product Description will replace the product description located under your product title, leaving that section on your detail page blank since it displays “below the fold”.

To ensure you are not impacting your sales, we recommend adding bullet points to all of your listings when using Enhanced Product Description. This will ensure you don’t have a blank detail page, but will allow you to highlight the key features and benefits of your items.

Watch our webinar How to create A+ Content f or information on both Enhanced Product Description and Additional Content Types.


Meet - Bold Print Studio

Unique artwork, personalised printed gift, iconic greeting cards and special keepsakes.

In their own words:

"Bold Print Studio designs and makes smile-inducing cheerful art for your home. All of our prints are lovingly printed in Cheshire, England.

Bold Print Studio offers an array of stylish print gifts for all occasions and unique prints for your home. Most prints can be personalised and we also have a mix of traditional photography fine art prints to contemporary illustrations and typography prints. Our iconic greeting card range is lovingly designed in our Print Studio in Cheshire, England. Our entire range is carefully and proudly crafted right here in Britain."