Handmade Monthly Newsletter — March Edition


Women Continue to Change the World!

1908 marked a milestone in the women’s right movement when the world’s first suffragette march and rally was held in London. First International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911, but adopted by United Nations in 1975.

This Women’s History Month, the Handmade team recognises all female artisans and makers for their hard work and dedication. Check out the ‘Getting to know our Handmade Family’ section for a story from one of our Makers!


Meet - Imogens Luxuries

In their words:

"I founded Imogen’s Luxuries from my home in Hertfordshire in 2012. After life served me a curve ball I began researching natural ways to help reduce stress and improve positivity through aromatherapy. Using treasured memories as inspiration, I began blending essential oils together and creating candles, diffusers and room sprays which I used to help me relax or uplift my mood.

Friends and family quickly started asking for them and I was soon in business. My candles, reed diffusers, refills and room sprays are completely free from any synthetic fragrances. They harness the natural aromatherapy properties of the essential oils and help transform a space into a sanctuary. I use a natural base for my reed diffusers and my candles are
made with natural wax (palm oil free) and pure cotton wicks, I never use paraffin. Everything is vegan, cruelty free and gift boxed.

Nearing our 10 year anniversary I am proud to say that I still make everything by hand at home, (Imogen’s Luxuries has now moved to Berkshire) and I have my daughter helping me too so it truly is a family business! I love what I do and I hope you do too!"


Build International Listings (BIL) Coming to Handmade Sellers

On March 30th, Amazon Handmade is enabling Build International Listings (BIL), as part of a multi-year project to improve the listing experience for Handmade selling partners.

While Handmade selling partners have always had the ability to sell their products globally, this process has been heavily manual. By enabling BIL for sellers, many manual tasks are automated.

More information:
Help Page: Build International Listings
Seller University: How to Use Build International Listings (BIL) Tool

Handmade Seller Seminar

Save-the-date for All things Wedding: Amazon Handmade’s Maker Seminar!

You are cordially invited to listen in and learn strategies for marketing, search optimization, and selection from fellow sellers and the Handmade team.

The Wedding Seminar could lead you to enhancing your wedding listings or unlocking a new category. Panelists and panel moderator to be announced.

March 25, 2022 at 12:00-2:00 PM PST— Register now!

Amazon-Funded Apprenticeships

Have you considered Apprenticeship in your business, for which Amazon funds the training costs? You can apply for the cohort by March 7th.

The Government of Education and Skills Funding Agency introduced the Apprenticeship Levy in 2017 to address a growing, nationwide skill gap.

​​​​​ Amazon is offering to transfer its funding to eligible selling partners to cover the full cost of training an Apprentice (up to the bachelor’s degree level) within your business.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria and application, go to Amazon-Funded Apprenticeships and the Amazon-Funded Apprenticeship Seller Central help page.
Register your interest here.

If you have any questions, contact us directly at marketplace-apprenticeships@amazon.com

FBA Webinar

Interested in selling your products through FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)?

Register for our upcoming webinars:

March 15th, 2022 at 11:00am GMT.

Easter is hop-pening!

To drive traffic to your products leading up to the holiday, make sure you have relevant Search Terms.

Confirm they accurately reflect what you are selling and do not repeat words.

Think of what customers will type into the search bar when looking for Easter gift ideas!

Spring Sale is close!

It’s time to schedule your products for Spring Sale promotions!

Dates of the event
Friday, April 1st - Wednesday, April 13th.

Submission deadlines

Best Deals: Monday, March 28th.

Vouchers and Prime Exclusive Discounts: 24 hours before the run date.

Why should I offer discounts?
Deals and Vouchers can be a useful lever to promote your brand and make your products easier for customers to discover. Promotions can be a tool to help increase sales by driving more customers to your product detail pages and facilitating conversion.

Create promotions now!

Vouchers, Prime Exclusive Discounts and Best Deals.


Note: Lightning Deals continue being unavailable in Handmade due to IT works.*

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