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Definitely, Handmade wouldn’t be what it is today without the work and effort of all our wonderful artisans so, let’s take a moment to meet some makers across our stores and their inspiring stories*:

*We’ve translated the bios below from their original language to your local language


“Hello from Pomchick! Pomchick is a London-based company which produces personalised handmade party products and personalised gifts. Our first office space was our living room, however, we moved into a studio flat after expanding our business volume. Soon after our move, new colleagues joined our team. We expanded our product range by including personalised gifts in our sales. We are passionate about creating personalised gifts that, when gifted to someone will help to celebrate life’s precious moments and create special memories.

In this entire process, Amazon handmade has become our major sale channel. We have been selling through Amazon Handmade for more than five years.”


“Our aim is to see children’s eyes sparkle. Our personalised wooden game creates memories that will be looked back on fondly.

We can personalise wooden toys for children, toddlers, and babies. We can lovingly personalise the toy to include date of birth, date of baptism, and names. Exclusive toy, designed individually, for girls and boys. Customisable purchase available online at BellasTraum. A unique and unforgettable gift for births, baptisms, or birthdays.”

Mademoiselle Totebag

“I’m a graphic designer by trade, and have been working in an advertising agency for more than 10 years. I decided to suggest personalised products after getting repeated requests for them while attending several friends’ bachelorette parties. The products created, a tote bag and t-shirt for each of the girls on the team, have been a great success every time, so I decided to have a go!”

Black Lantern

“We founded our screen printing business in 2011 while still living in the metro Denver area a few years after graduating from Metropolitan State College in Denver with a degree in graphic design and gaining experience in the commercial design and printing industry. Starting our own business was an outgrowth of our passion for design and printing coupled with their love of the outdoors. Starting a business isn’t easy, but it’s not “all work and no play” either; since founding our screen printing business, we’ve become ever more dedicated to trekking and camping. Our Black Lantern brand was born from memories of nights sitting around the campfire. To us, a lantern represents a hardier lifestyle, but also that feeling of warmth and safety at the end of a hard day’s trek, sitting around a fire and pondering the mysteries of the universe over a hot chocolate - or something stronger! Our adventure still stretches ahead of us and we don’t know where the trail leads, but we intend to enjoy many starry nights on the way!”

Miss Fit Boutique

“Miss Fit Boutique is a Canadian, handmade jewelry and accessories company. We focus on creating beautiful high-quality pieces for every occasion. Shop from our large selection of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, keychains and more. Every piece is hand made and packaged in our studio by the owner and creator, Kayla.

All of our jewelry is designed and made by the creator of Miss Fit Boutique (Kayla). Once your order is placed, we will hand make your piece with care and attention to detail. Each item is placed in packaging, ready for gifting.”

Moka Leathercraft

“After many years of research and testing, we have succeeded in painting naturally tanned leather (Tuscan cowhide) with all natural products and without using any kind of chemicals. All the leather is hand painted in our artisan workshop here in Italy. We use a completely natural and very special painting method. All the leather already cut is first dipped in coffee, which is the base of all the colors; the different shades are obtained by mixing other products of vegetable origin with the coffee that are typical of our area, such as the cruschi bell peppers of Senise, dried walnut shell, Aglianico grape must, and extra virgin olive oil from Irpinia.
This is because, for us, the most important thing is self-sustainability and obtaining a product of the highest quality without having a negative impact on the environment.”

La Industria Handmade

“The Handmade industry originates from Mayka’s love for sewing; she has been dressing her dolls with her creations ever since she was a little kid. Tired of not finding anything she liked in the shops and after signing up for a sewing class, she started to make her own clothes. Encouraged by the success that the rucksack she used to carry her books had among her university classmates, she decided to create her own label and ever since then, she has combined her work and studies with sewing. It wasn’t until she finished her doctorate in Chemistry that she decided to turn her B into her plan A and dedicate herself full-time to her true vocation.”

Artemex Papel Picado

“The history of Artemex began 21 years ago, with small batches of products–which could be produced thanks to some family benefits– and with the illusion of moving forward. The sacrifice of carrying a sack from stall to stall and knocking on doors gave impetus to the business. Some innovations have come from the heart of Artemex, the main one being a way of painting perforated paper, a trend that eventually made painted tissue a mandatory feature at Artemex and all producers of perforated paper.”

Note: We want to keep this month’s Newsletter as a celebration of our Handmade community in honor of our Anniversary. Please stay tuned to our Holiday Campaign emails for important information in preparation for the Holiday season.

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