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Can you believe it? The Holiday season is only 3 months away! No doubt time has flown by quickly, but don’t stress, there’s still time to prepare! We’ll be having a Holiday Maker Panel hosted by our very own Handmade General Manager—Lisa Butters, where you can hear from other makers about their experience and the best tips to help you prepare for this upcoming season.

When? September 9th, 2022 9-10AM PST, 5-6PM BST

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*Please note this webinar will be hosted in English.
Also, make sure you’re constantly tuning into Facebook and local Forums for the latest news.

What’s new?

HM Wedding Shop
The Handmade Wedding Shop’s new look goes live this month! Our team is hard at work to create an updated customer experience. We are looking for high quality ASINs to include in the shop.

Are you a maker that is focused on wedding gifts, décor, invitations, jewelry, clothing, accessories, or shoes? Then you will want to add selection to your shop now and follow these tips:

  1. Become Brand Registered and make sure your ASINs have A+ content.
  2. Add wedding-related keywords to your items.
  3. Assign an Occasion Type associated with wedding to your ASINs. For example, Wedding, Bridal Party, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, and Engagement.
  4. Consider FBA, SFP or offer Free Shipping.

Price Per Unit Display
Products in all Handmade categories are now eligible to display Price Per Unit (PPU) on their detail pages. Customers use PPU information to compare and evaluate products during their shopping experience. Unit count includes a value such as Unit Count of 5, and a type such as Unit Count Type of count, gram, meter, millilitre or square meter.

If you previously provided PPU for your products, please review your Handmade products’ detail pages to ensure PPU is displaying correctly. If you need to make PPU changes or additions, you may edit or add the Unit Count attribute (example: Unit Count of 5) and Unit Count Type attribute (example: Unit Count Type of count, gram, meter, millilitre or square meter) for your products in the listing process.

More info on PPU requirements.

The Amazon Brand Conference
Save the date, October 5th and 6th, 2022

Register here by selecting your desired language

Halloween is approaching! Prepare your Handmade business for the spooky time of year by following these 6 tops tips:

  1. Add Halloween Specific Selection: Create new Halloween items or make sure your Halloween products are well stocked so you don’t run out! Product categories that are popular with Handmade customers are family matching Halloween clothing items, handcrafted Halloween décor and more! Remember to set your main image with a white background to increase your overall searchability and showcase your product clearly.

  2. Optimise your Shipping Settings: Set shorter and more accurate delivery times to increase customer conversion, this will ensure customers receive their Halloween items on time! Thinking about joining FBA? Now is a great time to explore this option.

  3. Offer Free Shipping: Customers love free shipping! An internal 2020 study has demonstrated that offering free shipping can increase sales by up to 12%.

  4. Add Halloween to your Title and Search Terms: Adding Halloween to your title will help customers find your Halloween products. For search terms, think of what customers will type into the search bar when looking for Halloween items like yours.

  5. Promote your Products by Offering Vouchers or Deals: Help your products stand out and take advantage of price savvy customers by offering price discounts in the form of a deal or voucher!

  6. Promote your Products via Social Media Channels: Tag us @amazonhandmade or use #AmazonHandmade for a chance to be featured on our social channel.

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Tips, Tricks & Reminders

Maximize your Brand Features!

If you have registered your Brand Name with Amazon – Congratulations!

As an acknowledged brand, did you know you have the ability to add A+ Content to your detail pages ; allowing you to tell your brand story with enhanced image and video content on your detail pages?

We recommend A+ Content on all of your ASINs, as a way to create a personal connection to your brand for customers. It’s free to you and may lead to increased conversion rates, traffic, and sales. It can also reduce customer returns and negative reviews, and improve the performance of your advertising.

A+ content creation is managed through the A+ Content Manager in Seller Central where you have the option to publish it to all of your ASINs.

Additional resources:

Getting to Know our Handmade Family

Manta Makes

"Manta Makes was created in 2015 by husband and wife team Samantha and Paul. From their dining room table they started making wedding décor and gifts. Manta Makes uses wood sourced from sustainable forests and try to source locally where possible. Now with a small team behind them, they are expanding into paper print. "