Handmade Selling Unique Paintings to Europe?


Help Please, I am registered in the UK as a professional seller, only selling handmade, but only selling my own paintings, each one is unique, one off. I am going round in circles to see what I need to do to sell in the rest of Europe, I have around 60 odd listings currently, but will shortly have more than 100 listings. Obviously, I can’t use FBA because of the nature of my stock. I have 2 campaigns up and running. I just can’t seem to figure out what I need to do to break into Europe with my offers. I am not registered for VAT here as my turnover is way too low. Could somebody please advise me what to do next? I don’t wish to just be restricted to the UK. Many thanks in advance
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You need to sync your listings to other sites using build international listings tool
Then go to settings - account info - going on holidays and make active the sites you wish to sell on
Set your shipping costs on all templates
Sign up to a courier that can send fully tracked and insured with relevant IOSS info electronically

Personally I would look it at carefully before you ship anything let alone one off paintings outside UK - be prepared for INR cases and bear in mind that if a customers wishes to return it , not only do you have to accept, you have to either pay for it to be returned to UK or have a return address in buyers home country


Brilliant!! thank you so much, I will look at it very carefully!!!
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