Has anyone used the hidden text button yet? See below for info if you haven't


Just playing around to see if you can

change text

size on posts on

the forum

it seems possible

you can also


if anyone hasn’t found out how yet
size is changed by putting< h1 > in front of the text you want to change, insert any number there from 1-9 and close the spaces

to underline insert[u] before the text and [/u ] after, again close the spaces to make it work

strike through is [s] before and [/s ] after with the spaces closed.

The Hidden text button

now to try the “hide details” option under the gear link at the far right

what will it do?, click the arrow to find out


what is the point of this?, ah it allows you to summarize your post and then it is hidden until the reader clicks the little arrow

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