Has the Seller Central "7 Days Sales" graph been removed?


Clicking on “7 Days Sales” used to show a handy graph of sales across each marketplace. It was really useful to check our previous day’s sales every morning when we arrived at work but now we have to go to Business Reports individually for each marketplace.

Has the graph been permanently removed? Is there a quicker way to view yesterday’s sales than the above?


Nope, still there for me. Probably one of the usual glitches.
Try a different browser or clear your cache.

If that doesn’t work, just give it a bit of time and it will come back.


That’s good to hear. Though there does appear to be a slight redesign to my Seller Central page as well. Maybe Amazon are doing some A/B testing?


On my account it was gone, than back now again it is gone :frowning:

Can you see the "7 Days Sales” graph?


Same here! Having sales in 7 different marketplaces makes it extremely annoying having to go to each marketplace and then select Business Reports each morning.

I can see Amazon have redesigned the home page but cannot think why on earth they would remove this feature. Im not interested in 7 days, I want to know yesterdays!


I have exactly the same issue on both Europa and US platforms. Very annoying to not have that graph with overview of daily sales (7, 15, 30 days). Will it come back? I don’t see why they would want to delete one of the key features of the SellerCentral landing page…


Same with the customer message bar for us…appears then disappears (and repeat!) Quick F5 usually sorts it though.


Now on my account almost all is gone form main page, problem with messages, with today sale, inventory performance dashboard, also missing. I can see just categories now, “new” boxes. From old style only Payment summary left.


I’m also missing my sales graph which I access form the home page. If anyone knows how to get back please share


Me neither, probably they work on changing the interface and making it more “user-friendly”. I would have preferred the old version but it might just a temporary glitch.