Have Amazon held your funds for over 90 days?


I Amazon have been holding my funds of approx £5,000 for nearly 4 months. I have been unable to generate income or sell stock since October, some of which is Christmas themed so I will not be able to recoup this money until Christmas 2020. I am a single parent and this is impacting my family and my own mental health as I have a huge hole in our finances. I have done absolutely nothing wrong except be new and to make a mistake. I have appealed my suspension and my account is under review but I have no idea how long this will take. I was accused by 7 other sellers of counterfeiting and violating intellectual property rights, but this was false. I was selling ‘gray label’ goods from China, but listing on their listings. I basically made the mistake of listing the same product (same AliExpress photos) on someone else’s listing rather than creating a new one as the products were unbranded (did not carry a brand name in the photos or on packaging). I thought this was correct under Amazon’s policy and have since learned differently. In each case the listing maker complained to Amazon and Amazon informed me that they had received a complaint from the ‘rights owner’ although I could find no record of the sellers on the UK trademarks database. Most are located in China and do not reply to the emails I have sent apologising and asking them to withdraw their unjust complaint. I even located the manufacturer of some of the goods and they were unrelated companies. This is all regarding less than 5% of my sales and a figure of way less than £100 of the £5000 they are holding. I was apologetic and I can see now that it was a mistake.

I was wondering if anyone else has had or is having a similar experience? Can anyone advise also if you don’t get the bog standard ‘we cannot accept your appeal because…’ reply and instead get an email saying they are reviewing your account, is this a positive thing? How long does it usually take? With Amazon announcing massive profits it makes me wonder at whose expense?


Have you submitted a POA


In November 2016, the U.K. Supreme Court ruled that the distribution of grey market goods without the consent of the brand owner is a criminal offence.

You will need a very good Plan of Action (POA) to get of this hole.


Hang on - maybe I misunderstood what gray market goods are. These are unbranded goods therefore no brand.


I just looked it up. My goods were not grey market they were not copies of a brand they were just unbranded. I think I mean white label.


Yes I submitted several POAs and at some point my account was reinstated only to be deactivated again due to performance issues related to the period of inactivity a couple of orders showing a 50% defect rate etc. I issued 2 or 3 full refunds as soon as I realised this (complaints about delayed delivery caused by Hermes) so the customers got their items for free. I was then asked for a POA regarding performance which I explained was due to inactivity then I received another request for info going back to the intellectual property issues which had, I thought, been cleared up. I’m so confused, it’s been months of them holding my money. I didn’t really sell any of these items, I just listed them for sale and genuinely thought they were the same product, no branding, same stock photos (exactly) and thought I was complying rather than creating multiple listings for the same item. When I looked I had hundreds of cancelled orders for one item as a competitor was ordering them and then cancelling to put me out of stock. It’s dog eat dog and some of the tactics are so low. I think my complaints were bogus made by competitors intended to get my account shut down - it worked! No evidence needed. I am beginning to wonder if I should just close my account. If I do, will they release my funds?


Sounds like you are having a rough time. You probably need to remove the problematic items from sale. If you need your funds releasing you’ll have to work with them on every point. Walking away at this point wouldn’t trigger a refund.
If you need help with your POA this seller forum has some great talent freely available.


I have had an email saying my appeal is under review, and I was advised that further communication could cause it to go to the back of the queue again. There are big delays apparently.

Everything has been removed and the account is now a shell showing no listings or performance figures for anything, it’s been so long.

Thanks for your comment & sympathy, I’m really fed up!


Hello DreamDeals_UK,

As per the information provided I understand that you want the funds of your account which was held by Amazon since your account was deactivated cause of infringement filed on you by other sellers.

Intellectual property right is a policy violation where a mere listings of products that are recognized as an intellectual property right of a right owner is not allowed without proper authorization.

You have received complaints from the right owners and so you are expected to make an appeal on the account with a plan of action if you agree with the complaint stating the cause of policy violation at your end.

You will receive your funds once the issue in your account is resolved hence below are some points which will help you to construct an effective plan of action:

Root Cause:
-Why did you receive the infringement complaint? Give the details like you have mentioned in the post that you have mapped your products on some other sellers listings?
-What led to the violation of intellectual property right policy? How did it happen?
-Have you checked all the other listings on offer to ensure there are no potential intellectual property rights complaint on the account?

Corrective Measure:

  • Since you have mentioned that you have tried reaching out to the right owners to apologize for the
    same and fix the issue, you can write the same in the plan of action.
    -What action have you taken after you received the complaints to resolve the issue?

Preventive Measure:

  • How will you ensure that this is not a repeated issue on the selling account?
    How will you ensure Amazon that you are not infringing any other sellers Trademark or Copyright?
  • What is the proactive steps you have taken to ensure the account is in compliance with Amazon’s policies?

In addition with this, it is advisable to submit the proof of authenticity. the requirements of invoices are as follows:-

The requirement of invoices are as below:
1 - Copies of invoices or receipts from your supplier issued in the last 365 days
2 - The document should reflect your sales volume during the last 365 days.
3 - The invoices should consist the details of the supplier including name, phone number and address.

As soon as the appeal gets reviewed then you will get revert from the concerned team. Make sure you implement the changes before providing the Plan of action.

Good Luck.


Thank you so much. My POA was submitted and is under review. They haven’t asked for more info or rejected my appeal at this stage. Fingers crossed. Thank you for taking the time to be so helpful :pray:t2: