Hazardous goods in FBA


Has anyon esuccessfully managed to get hazardous goods into FBA. I understand 1 litre liquid sizes are ok but anyone managed 5 Litres? I have a heard a rumour that you can do it.


Hello TCP!

When it comes to Hazardous and Dangerous Items there are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration, size being just one of them.

Did you have a chance to check Help Page dedicated to Hazardous and Dangerous Items? At the bottom of the page you can find the list of prohibited items.

Another one worth checking would be Dangerous goods identification guide (hazmat).



I regularly use FBA for Hazmat items, with a fair range of goods.

You are aware, that you need to be enrolled on the Hazmat program before they will accept anything?
And if you are, and there is a specific item that you can’t get enrolled, what is the reason they are giving for this?


Still just a notion at present we are busy without FBA but thought I would look into a couple for the Autumn when its less busy. But some are defo HAZMAT.


I also do a lot of business with Perfume / Aftershave. As Neil said, enroll in the Hazmat programme and it’s fine. The only thing that you’ll need to consider is that you can’t use UPS (Partnered programme) to send Hazmat goods, if you haven’t already got a relationship with a courier that’ll take the product, i’d advise building one now.


We use Parcelforce & Fedex at present. Fedex being lousy only use them as a general free economy service due to them not actually really being ‘next day’


Yes I was aware - it was the 5 litre size issue that was bugging a bit. I was told you cannot send 5 litre but some have said you can. Probably put a non-haz liquid in a 1 litre size to get my head around the process. I think some of our products are classified by Amazon even though no-one else does for some reason. Do you send anuything in a 5 litre container thats classified as hazardous?


Is there a seller programme (as in training material) to join FBA generally? - not just hazardous goods.


What you need is in Seller University. Link at the bottom of seller central.
But to frank, it’s not that much different than FBM. The only difference being, your sending your goods to Amazon to dispatch.
Nothing particularly complicated at all.

And no, I don’t sell anything classed as Hazmat in a 5 Lt container, but if I did, I wouldn’t think twice about it. I have literally no idea who told you that you can’t use FBA for it, but they are probably wrong, depending on exactly what the product is.
The easiest way to find out, is to join the Hazmat program and then try to create a shipment.