Heads up folks - UPS




Sorry don’t understand?


The Amazon UPS glitch is back. About a week ago Amazon was generating non-prepaid labels for UPS, meaning that you had to pay for the collection of your UPS parcels.


OK but your screen shot doesn’t say anything about payment due, it’s the same as a regular new tracking

Is it because its a 1Z5 number and not the regular 1ZA


The issue is the 1Z59A number, which equates to a non-prepaid label
The pre paid label numbers always start with 1ZA1Y


Yes, it is… just been speaking to UPS and they say Amazon is not charging for the collection and they can’t do anything - but it doesn’t actually make sense to me… they told me to speak to Amazon!

I know what amazon will say - so this will obviously be a bug until someone understands and sorts it out… I’m certainly not going to start speaking to amazon about it - my nerves won’t take it! Lol


Sorry @CampervanBits never had an issue with my FBA collections but was aware of the issues over last week or so. Never spotted the difference in the tracking number


Tell me about it. I remember last time i was on live chat, via phone and email and the same resolution “We’ll transfer you” or UPS telling me to drop my packages off at a local drop off. Yes, all 29 packages with a total weight of 100kg. Sure.


No worries @Kingstar. May want to keep your eyes peeled over the coming hours if you send anything in via UPS partnered carrier. It was a headache last week, to say the least :exploding_head:


we had one last night that just got picked up FOC, the label is ok.

we duplicated an old shipment that got free shipment. May be that will work?


I’m fortunate my shipments have all been sent outside the problem few days previously. Will be preparing another shipment for later in the week so will keep myself aware if todays glitch isn’t sorted shortly


That worked last time yes. Using an old 1ZA1Y number that precedes the newly generated 1Z59A. Here’s hoping for a quick fix! :crossed_fingers:t4:


not using an old number as if UPS detected it has already been shipped, the collection will be cancelled. I am talking about using an old shipment that got free label and duplicate it for the new shipment.


So can we use old tracking number to book a collection. Like shipment which was send 2 days back. As this problem just started for us today.


Not if the label already been picked up and in transit!


So then we have to wait till this problem gets sorted. As we can see that tracking does start with 1Z5
Will have to drop off but that’s going to be too much


we paid to have it collected last week as we do not know how long it is going to take to resolve; besides we have no room for them hanging around.

Its up to you whether you want them on their way or not. £2 is reasonable in my book


How are you managing to get the to collect? Im getting as far as them telling me there may be a fee but then they don’t let me fill anything else in!


we booked it in under our account on website


Do you have a standard account on their website? I’ve just created one but can’t see how to book a collection. I’m happy to pay but just want it collected.