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Good Morning,

I was hoping somebody could offer some advice: yesterday our best selling product was removed due to a customer complaint using the title ‘Used Item Sold as New’.
The product was 100% new, from the comments it seems that the customer may not have removed the protective film from the product which is quite hard to see therefore giving the impression the product is scratched, but I accept that Amazon have to treat this complaint very seriously and that we have to follow the relevant procedures in order to get the product re-listed.

Where I am confused is that there is nothing showing on our account under the Product Policy Compliance for me to respond to. The complaint was made on 26-January and the product removed in the early hours of the 27th so does this take a few days to filter through under our Account Health?

I have responded to the email received from the ‘’ address with a plan of action and supplier invoices as requested: the first time I got an automated response saying I had not given enough information, but I have not had a response to my second email which was sent with further information so do I assume this means they are reviewing the information and does anyone know how long this could take?

I’m hoping that once I see the issue on our seller account I can respond again, I don’t want to keep pushing it in fear of our account being deactivated but at the same time we are losing may sales during this time.

Any advice/feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Laura


There was a seller on here a few weeks back who had the exact same problem with protective film not being removed - i’ll try an find the link
They had to add a sticker to the film to tell customers to remove it


Thank you, I’ll search for the link also.
Without seeing the product in question I cannot 100% say it is because of the film, but what was sent was definately new and this issue has come up before but outside of Amazon.



It’s so frustrating isn’t it. I am also at a loss of what to say as we definately would never send out any product that was not brand new.
Ours is a 5* rated line, which is nearly always the best seller of its category and one complaint (via the buyer/seller messaging) has caused it to be removed which is already having a big impact on our sales.

I have found some very useful information on these forums in regards to how to set out the plan of action but could you guide me to the template Kika posted so I can refer to that too. I want to have a new one ready in case I have to appeal again, although no idea how long I have to wait for a response to what I have sent.

Like you I am at a bit of a loss on where to go from here but if I get anywhere I will let you know. I hope you get everything resolved quickly.


As shown in the above thread, templates don’t always work, you have to relate any Plan of Action directly to your own company and specific circumstances.


Hello @ Pivotell,
Regarding the reply which is being awaited from the respective team , They would respond to you accordingly once the appeal is reviewed by their end, till them kindly be patient as the appeal is still under review process.

appeal from the account health. Path: home page >> performance tab >> account health >> click on the product policy complaint >> send your details through the “Appeal” option.
If you want to write a Plan of Action to the performance team follow the below points:
Root Cause:
1 - Have you identified the reason why you got these “used sold as new complaint”?
2 - What are the conversation you had with the buyer?
3 - The reason buyer complained were those solvable from your end?
Corrective Measure:
1 - Did you reach out to the buyer to understand why they are not happy with the service?
2 - How did you help them by resolving their queries at that time?
Preventive Measure:
1 - How will you prevent yourself from getting the “used sold as new complaint” which you have received now in the future?
2 - Any steps which you are implementing from your end to avoid these kind of complaint?
Make sure you provide invoices with the below mentioned details:

  1. Invoices must be procured within last 365 days.
  2. Invoices should be prior to the date which you have received the warning in the Account Health.
  3. Quantity in invoices must reflect the sales volume on Amazon.
  4. Invoices should have the supplier details and your details.
    Provide the documents with the above mentioned details, so that the team can review and help you with the account.
    Good Luck,


Thank you for the kind advice Harleen: I have taken everything you have said on board.
Kind Regards,