HELP - We found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site


Hello dear Amazon sellers,

We are new to amazon and amazon prime and 2 weeks ago we created our first seller account. We uploaded our products and shipped them to amazon’s warehouses in the UK so we can offer our customers prime benefits.

The day after our inventory arrive in Amazon’s warehouse we received this email saying that our account will be deactivated "We found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site."

I appealed 4 times already and did not get a response at all, we have no idea what to do and why we got banned from amazon. We never sold on amazon, never dealt with any other amazon seller so we cannot understand how can our account be related to anyone else on Amazon.

Can someone help us who maybe had this issue and solved it? We can’t contact amazon at all as they are ignoring our messages.

Any help will be massively appreciated,


Somewhere, somehow there will be a link to another Amazon seller account. To protect their security algorithms Amazon won’t tell you what it is, you need to establish that for yourself.

Some typical issues:

Amazon will look at your entire business as you have submitted it. As such this applies to anyone linked to your business including (as appropriate) anyone living at the same address, beneficial owners, directors, account operators.

It could be an account that that was shutdown previously. It could be an account that was partially opened but never completed verification (did you ever ‘half’ sign up as an experiment?). It could be an account that you thought was closed.

There are no personal/business distinctions - if any of you or the people associated with your account or residing at the same address have a selling on Amazon account, that will be a duplicate.

It could be the bank account number, charge/payment card details, 2 people in the same household.

At this point there will be a link somewhere, you’ll need to sleuth it out I’m afraid.


Hi there,

I have created a second account for a totally different business to keep things separate. Is this not allowed by Amazon? Both accounts were paid with the same credit card, could this be an issue?


This is exactly the issue.

This is expressly forbidden without prior approval.

You could try applying for retrospective approval stating the reasons you need to operate a second account, however typically the later account will need to be closed.

As a side note - you don’t have two totally separate businesses if they are sharing any payment information…

The fact that the notice says the that the related account may not be used to trade on Amazon suggests that your ‘other’ business was suspended/shut down by Amazon for some reason and you started a new one?


That makes a lot of sense, so do you think reaching back to amazon and providing all info should help or should i close the 2nd accountright away?

This is very fair actually, did not think of it when I did this. It was just for the first payment and then it was moved over to the business payment card.


The problem is now that I do not know if I should remove one of the accounts or to do anything else. Amazon does not reply to my messages, I already appealed and opened case after case but they get closed and I get ignored. Does this mean that I will never be able to sell on amazon with those companies?


Hi @Polo_Polo,

As per Amazon’s Prohibited seller activities and actions policy, operating and maintaining multiple seller central accounts is prohibited. However, an exception to this policy do exists. For this we would request you to visit the policy page:

As your account selling privileges have been taken down because of relation with other selling account that is not in compliance with Amazon policy.

We would recommend that you look out for any related account that you may have connection with and understand the prime reason for which the selling privileges have been taken down on that account.

Once the account is identified and the reason understood, you will have to resolve the issue of the primary account first with an appeal highlighting the:

-Reason for the issue on the account.

-Corrective measures taken to resolve the issue on the account.

-Followed by preventive measures to avoid the issue in the future.

Post the restoration of the primary account, you can appeal for your account’s reinstatement.

To follow this process it is crucial to first identify the related account and issues prevailing in it.

Hope this helps,

Best Wishes,



The only hope you have at the moment of being able to sell on Amazon is to close the most recent account and address the issues relating to the first account.

You will need to remove your FBA stock if that was sent in with the second account and resend it when your first account is reinstated. (I don’t think it is possible to transfer it over at the FC but someone else may know better.)

You should then send a plan of action detailing everything you have done, keep it short and to the point, bear in mind that this is going to be read either by a BOT or by someone for whom English is not their first language. Do not over explain and do it in bullet points.

If you search on the forums you will find examples of the best format to use posted by Kika for appealing suspensions for all types of reasons.


The use of a form template for suspension appeals is not recommended, and can in itself be a reason for the POA being denied.
Best if the OP just uses the straightforward
1: Root cause
2: Immediate actions taken
3: Proactive steps moving forward

type of appeal without trying to copy anyone else’s plans which will not be an appropriate fit for his unique circumstances.


Hi Forum

I have been trading on Amazon since last 4 years and today is my first post on this forum, i am a reader and finds lots of advise here, anyway

I am wondering is it possible that my wife can open another professional selling account given the fact that She is a

  1. Director of Ltd company on another address

  2. Business bank account on another address

  3. operate the account from different IP address/same address.

Please note that both of our surname is same &

Previously both of us used to be director of a company which has been willingly dissolved by us.

Any suggestion and advise is highly appreciated, Many thanks in advance.


What you ask is certainly possible under certain conditions
Those conditions are very strict.

#### Multiple seller accounts:

Operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts is prohibited. If you have a legitimate business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception to this policy:

1. Go to Contact us.
2. Click Selling on Amazon , then select Your account , and select Other account issues .

In your request, please provide an explanation of the legitimate business need for a second account. To be considered for approval:

* You must have a separate bank account for each Seller Central account. We will not approve multiple Seller Central accounts that use the same bank account within the same region. If you sell across regions (for example in North America and Europe), you can use the same bank account for your Seller Central accounts as long as your accounts are linked though Amazon Global Selling.
* Each account must have a separate email address.
* The products and services sold in each account must be different.
* Your Performance Metrics must be in good standing.

You’ll receive a response to your request within two to three business days.


Thank you Adrian for your advise on this,
just to clarify i do not want to open another professional account, my wife wants to open another account, any advise on this issue? thank you


Yes, use the above info and request permission to have a second seller account at your address…
It is still the same situation


As @Adrian has said, Amazon will consider them related accounts. Be aware that the fate of either account may affect the other. If one account gets banned for violating Amazon policies it is possible/likely that the second will be affected.


Thank you everyone,

I did what you guys said and followed procedures just to receive an email few hours later from amazon saying that my account will remaing deactivated and they do not share any details on this investigation. It is absolutely nuts that they would just ban both accounts, without a single warning before we even started selling! Now both businesses are pretty much unusable.

Does anyone think that closing one of the two accounts could help?


No,The ONLY thing that would help is working out why the original account is suspended and getting that fixed, then you would have to close the second account.
There is no workaround to that, and as Amazon have already said they will not disclose any further info.
So if you want to have any chance then delve into the other account, find the notifications that explain why it was suspended and get fixing.
Amazon do have some very good security features and you have fallen foul of one of them.


The problem is that both accounts got suspended at the same time, the email was sent to both email addresses on the same day, same time so I do not know which account got suspended first? Or which account should I consider as account 1 and then account 2? any ideas? I am opening cases in each account.


The only safe bet, re a second account for your family, is, if the two accounts have not one single connection, overlap or shared anything, excepting the fact that the owners of the 2 accounts are married to each other.

e.g. PC’s, IP addresses, b&m addresses, both home & business, Trade Names, Company names, all credit card n bank details (i.e. you cannot even be named as a Joint Account Holder of a bank account used by your partner for Amazon transaction), all need to be different.

Can you do that?


That is irrelevant
Which account was OPENED first.
That is likely to be the only account that could be salvaged.

Can you possibly split this thread as we have two separate but active queries going on at the same time


Thank you, Makes more sense now,
One more thing if all are different as you have advised what happens to the fact that both of our surname is same and used to be director for a company which is now disolved willingly with no bad effect, thank you