HELP - We found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site


Thank you everyone,

I did what you guys said and followed procedures just to receive an email few hours later from amazon saying that my account will remaing deactivated and they do not share any details on this investigation. It is absolutely nuts that they would just ban both accounts, without a single warning before we even started selling! Now both businesses are pretty much unusable.

Does anyone think that closing one of the two accounts could help?


No,The ONLY thing that would help is working out why the original account is suspended and getting that fixed, then you would have to close the second account.
There is no workaround to that, and as Amazon have already said they will not disclose any further info.
So if you want to have any chance then delve into the other account, find the notifications that explain why it was suspended and get fixing.
Amazon do have some very good security features and you have fallen foul of one of them.


The problem is that both accounts got suspended at the same time, the email was sent to both email addresses on the same day, same time so I do not know which account got suspended first? Or which account should I consider as account 1 and then account 2? any ideas? I am opening cases in each account.


The only safe bet, re a second account for your family, is, if the two accounts have not one single connection, overlap or shared anything, excepting the fact that the owners of the 2 accounts are married to each other.

e.g. PC’s, IP addresses, b&m addresses, both home & business, Trade Names, Company names, all credit card n bank details (i.e. you cannot even be named as a Joint Account Holder of a bank account used by your partner for Amazon transaction), all need to be different.

Can you do that?


That is irrelevant
Which account was OPENED first.
That is likely to be the only account that could be salvaged.

Can you possibly split this thread as we have two separate but active queries going on at the same time


Thank you, Makes more sense now,
One more thing if all are different as you have advised what happens to the fact that both of our surname is same and used to be director for a company which is now disolved willingly with no bad effect, thank you


Just wondering @thylvethter , how the OP is going to provide different home addresses for both himself and his wife?
They do not appear to be estranged…
2nd home in the country maybe?


not my problem.

I know if it was me I would not let one single piece of data match any from the other account - you know how difficult it is to argue with an Amazon bot - it’s like talking to an a$$hole !


No idea - as you won’t get a sensible answer from Amazon it is not possible for any seller to advise on this. Rule of thumb - avoid all possible matches - and remember your sensible logic may not be the same as Amazon’s.

P.S. Surname should not matter if all other data is different - lots of Smith, Jones’s and others etc in the UK.


Personally I’m not convinced that the physical address is that big an issue given that it is more than probable there are blocks of flats with one single postcode where two or more entirely separate Amazon sellers live with no problems whatsoever.


Were I living at 15 Railway Cuttings … with the Missus , there is no chance I would allow her to enter that address anywhere on an Amazon Account - I clearly trust the Bots less than you.
There is a Policy you know about having only one account per family.

The ‘simple’, may take months, solution is to obtain permission from the appropriate Amazon dept, in writing, as this is what will be needed to fight a suspension for months when the bots auto disable both accounts.


I sincerely hope its not that exact

I have an amazon buyer account, as does my mum.

I get all my parcels sent to her (especially around christmas) as I’m never in my house and since she’s retired she’s nearly always in.

Would hate to think we’d possibly get both our buyer accounts (and my seller) closed because she’s down as my default delivery address…

Incidentally also used her as the default delivery address for the business account they kept pestering me to open, so technically I now have 3 accounts (personal buyer, business buyer and seller)


You can have several buyer accounts but only one seller account.


You can have as many buyer accounts as you wish, no issue, it is multiple seller accounts that are frowned upon unless you obtain prior permission.
In the OP’s case he has a seller account at his home address and now his wife wants her own seller account.
If she had a different surname and every other detail on her Amazon account was also different then maybe the physical address would not be an issue but in his case his wife has the same surname as him, so he must seek permission before she even attempts to sign up, or both accounts are certain to be suspended


don’t recall reading anyone mentioning a problem with Delivery Addresses - all I have ever mentioned is detail relating to the make-up of the account - the Seller Account.


Thank you for your advise


Very interesting thread!

I too recently have had a new Seller acct suspended due to: ‘’…We found that your account is related to a different account that may not be used to sell on our site. As a result, you may no longer sell on through this account…’’

This new seller account has been established with a new Limited UK biz, company registered address, shareholders, email and bank account.

I do have another seller account - which is in good standing - and operates with a serarate limited business bank, email, entity, shareholders etc.

The products I have sourced for the new account are 100% different - its a completely seperate biz model and brand.
I have submitted all the documentations, which have been verified.

It seems the account has a block. I can’t get any response from Seller Performance.

I read you have to understand the root cause, to submit a POA.

How do I get to understand the key reason why the account is blocked so I can appeal.

Any suggestions gratefullly received!


The key reason is that you breached Amazon’s policy by operating two Amazon accounts without permission.

Even if they are two companies you cannot operate two accounts without prior permission. You can try and apply for retrospective approval, but in all likelihood you may have to close the second account, ask permission then open it. You need to appeal on the basis that you were unaware of the rules, and justify why two accounts are required using @Adrian’s post above as a guide.


OK, thanks - appreciate your time to feedback!

Yes - understood re, breaching the policy.

Presumably I apply for retrospective approval via seller central from my initial account? or best to do this via seller performance/my new account?

Again, thanks!


To be honest, I don’t know. Amazon will consider your original account to be the valid one, so try from there.