HELP - We found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site


Did you get a response from your appeal submission then? I’ve been waiting 4 days for a response…


@Adrian - I have an e-book for sale on Amazon. Would that count as a linked seller account? its on


This is it
There is currently a glitch with the global sign up whereby new registrants are being signed up to multiple regions at once and then getting the linked account issue
that you have
I can only suggest responding to the message where it says something like" if you believe you have been suspended in error…"
and explain how you signed up using the global link but have only got one account per region…


Once again many thanks Adrian. I don’t know what I would do without you because it is highly stressful!

Well this feels a bit like progress! Now…

If this is the root problem I have part one of my appeal.
I suppose I also have part three in that I can prevent it happening again by sticking to initially (which is fine) and being very careful how I join new regions.

But part two: steps to resolve the problem. I looked into de-registering all regions except already (before your reply actually) and can’t see how to do it - probably because my account is suspended.

Is there anything I can do now to fulfill the requirements of part two of the appeal process?
Many thanks again.
Best wishes

I will of course do as you advise, but thought I should ask this first.


TBH I’m not 100% sure how you go about producing a POA to deal with this.
In normal circumstances if you had had a failed dummy run at registration then that would be easier to address, but as this is an apparent glitch with the global sign up then any POA is going to be ineffective.
Isn’t there a link to use if you believe that your suspension was in error?
If so use that to explain the problem rather than go down the POA route at this stage.


Yes there is and I will use it, but I also got an email one hour ago with a big start selling button and a message starting:

Dear Amazon Seller,
Congratulations on registering on Amazon.
List your products first to start selling.

Could this possibly be good news? My account still says invalid but I know it takes a while to propagate.


Part 1 - you believe the suspension is in error.

Part 2, you have reviewed your account, your registration and are confident that everything is compliant with Amazon’s duplicate account policy.

Part 3, you will continue to review Amazon sellers policies to ensure you remain compliant.


Thanks PeterB I will do something like that if Adrian’s solution does not produce a result.


Dear @Narrative_Forum good to see that happy news,

Can you share your appeal in order to guide our suspended friends,

That may help and show way to others,

Best regards,


Hi @Narrative_Forum NO! ARRGHHH!
I can’t seem to get this sorted. Dealing with Seller Performance is soooo frustrating. I have been approved for a 2nd account (in retrospect) but don’t seem to be able to get the approval assigned to the new account.
I can only think there still must be an issue with the account. But, after 5 months, I still don’t know what the link is and can’t get anything out of Seller Performance.


How sure are you of this? It is often the case that SS and other depts advise about one account and you assume it is the other.
It could even be you have been approved in principle to operate 2 accounts but they have not added the second, but await you creating it>
It is usual for Amazon to keep the 2nd acc you created suspended, and allow you, with the proper POA to activate the first. So it may be the first acc you need to find/use/operate.


Thanks @Thylvethter
The email I received states:
Hello seller,

Thank you for contacting us to request approval for a second Seller Account. Your request has been approved.

Please make sure that the below steps are followed:

  1. Each account must have separate bank account information
  2. The inventory on each account must be different.
  3. There may be no interaction between the accounts.

If it comes to our attention that the above criteria are not being met, one or all of the accounts will be closed.

The 1st account is live.
The 2nd ‘new’ account is created - and suspended

I am trying to get the 2nd/new account un-suspended and open for business. I have had confirmation that all the documentation is verified + all the account details are separate (ltd co, bank, email, shareholders, brand etc)


Is there a suspension email for the second account ? Deal with that dept if possible - use direct email address. Quote dept name to forum - someone here may know email address.

Doing this you can send the above copy mail to THAT suspension dept to request it is lifted.


Hi @Adrian
I have just thought that it would help if I had a source for the information about the glitch. Is there any information/ link you can give me that I can pass on?


The only source is this forum I’m afraid.
In all the related account issues Amazon have never been known to get this wrong until recently
I first noticed something when those trying to start a UAE account [in addition to a European account] were suspended.
UAE is a dropdown on the countries menu above if you look
@Oneida_Books_EU who is mainly a US forum contributor noticed the same with US and JP, but he is the one who realized it was when new registrants used the global link that the issue occurred.
Signing up separately [not via the global link] does not cause the false linked account issue.


Yes, there is a suspension email from the 2nd new account. It’s via
If I email them, I get no response. If I email seller central - the case gets transferred, and I hear nothing. All roads seem to lead to - but I just can’t get any response.


The only further comment I can make is to use that email address along with using the same Subject line as in their email about the 2nd Acc suspension and rinse repeat every 7 to 10 days.
Do check that email has not provided a specific reply address.


I’m trying to get a response from Amazon through the US Forums on this.

So far I got confirmation it was being checked into, by a mod, but no real answer yet. Just waiting for an update.

Issues like this are hard to get Amazon to address. Often there are to few sellers impacted and explaining the issue to those not involved in the process (so they can then pass it on to the dept. needed) is a bit tough.

I will try to update here, or @Adrian, when I hear back.


Thanks! I will continue my efforts!


@Adrian I know you said that starting a new account would just add to the problem. But what if I started a completely new account.

If I did this, I would make it a basic account (fee per item, not business account).
I would have to use the same physical address for all physical address details.

It would have

  1. A different (unknown as yet to Amazon) email address
  2. A new Credit card as yet unknown to Amazon.
  3. A different IP address (I will use a mobile router instead of the Wifi).
  4. A completely new mobile phone number.
  5. A different deposit account for payments to me.

Would that be sufficient to make the two accounts completely unassociated?

I could also use a different device - but I don’t think device information is passed across from the router…

Then if and when I ever get authorised (I note some people have been waiting months) I can start using this account.

What do you think?