HELP - We found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site


So would be instantly linked to your existing account and suspended.
That is a very bad idea, sorry.


Thanks Adrian - the problem is the account details would also have the same physical address I suppose. That is a bigger problem that my surface mail address.
I will have to move!


and you will have to create a whole new identity for yourself.
find an elderly couple, off the grid, never used the internet, and pay them £1 a week to use their every detail for bank account, debit card, address, etc etc etc and don’t forget you will have to use the internet which you can set up in their back room so they will have to live nearby. Not too difficult.


A different passport and legal name will help too for account verification.


ok ok i get it. :wink:
But in reality there is nothing I can do. if I wait nothing will happen. It feels very unfair…


Hopefully you won’t mind my endless questions. If I ask Amazon to close this account - and they do that (which I think they must) is there a reason why I shouldn’t then apply for another seller account?

I could use the same details or different, because none of the accounts with those details would be operational any more.

Would that work?

EDIT… probably not - it would know I had been suspended once and just suspend me again for that I guess.


That’s right, with a suspended account in your history you cannot open a new one, you need to somehow have this account issue resolved


As I think has been said a few times - it is always the first account that has to be sorted BEFORE any progress can be made with anything else.


But there is just no response from anybody. How can I fix it? There is nothing my side to fix. And will they still charge me for the business account in the meantime? I have tried to close the account but that has also been rejected.


You need to downgrade to the Individual Selling plan - Settings - Account Info - Your Services - Manage, and downgrade.

Do NOT close your account as you will not be able to open another - more than one selling account is not allowed without prior permission from Amazon, and even trying to open another will cause major problems.


Only by constantly asking SS or perhaps the right questions until you find out what they want.


I can’t downgrade, de-register for anything or make any changes to my account while it is suspended.


check that out again very carefully - according to others in similar situations, downgrading is possible while under suspension.


those users may not have registered as corporate accounts.


By the way I have managed to talk to someone at seller support. Very helpful, and explained only seller performance can reinstate accounts, and they’re the one that are not responding.