Help! Why am I not receiving my payments from sold items on the EU marketplace


Am I missing something here?

My funds from sold items on the EU marketplace do not ever arrive in my UK bank account after disbursement. I have all 4 assigned and entered my bank information correctly 7 times now and the money never goes into my account, just goes back into my Amazon account balance.

Amazon seem completely hopeless in fixing this.
Or maybe it’s me and I’m not doing correctly:/

Any help would be appreciated?! Thanks :slight_smile:


Over the past few days, there were many sellers reporting issues with disbursements not arriving to their bank account, I would advise you to check these linked threads:


Ok thanks for that!

But I’m not supposed to have a bank account in germany, france, italy and spain to receive payments right?!

UK payments work fine by the way! :slight_smile:


Oh and it’s been about 4 months and amazon just don’t seem to want to do anything. Just give me MY money - now?

PS: thanks for the thread links but nothing at all there that helps!


Over the past few days, there were multiple sellers reporting the exact same issue as you and no solution was found.

Have you tried updating your current deposit method to a different bank account?