Help with EU build international listings


GUYS - Can you please help.
Selling on amazon quite some time but was always gated in groceries in europe, so finally got ungated in france and italy, however I had built my international listings prior as I was still able to sell a few asins in each country. Since i have been ungated now Ive tried to sync again and its not picking up my inventory source marketplace UK which is over 70 asins, these asins are listed on these other marketplaces in local language its not of case of the asin dosent exist there. I went into each asin as it still said requires authorisation but when you click sell now its grants you access to sell so I done this with them all and then refreshed the connection again and all the listings in france and italy are just showing as 0 stock?
Ive created numerous cases with amazon and it seems theyre as clueless as me, can anyone help?



Hi I don’t think food and beverages are eligible for Pan EU - Thye never use to be ut something may have changed if it has I’m sure someone will say.
Your UK stock is likely to not be eligible to send into EU though, I do not sell in the catagory but I’m aware the UK and EU have different label requirements by law for food products so depending what items you sell if you have not done this I would read up on it and compare.

If you get pulled up for a breach you may become suspended and all marketplaces closed so its worth taking time to check.