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Hello everyone!

I wonder if anyone can help with something.

I am going to be registering for VAT in a month or so, so I need to make sure i’m getting all my invoices to my accountant.

I see in the tab for tax document library, they have product ad fees, Merchant VAT invoices and Fulfilment by Amazon tax invoice.

Are there any other VAT invoices Amazon provide?

I can’t find any invoices for the monthly subscription charge, the inbound UPS charges or the service fees (labelling etc).

When I click on the individual transaction, it shows the inbound transportation amount and then a tax amount. Is that as close to an invoice as we get? or am i missing the invoices for these?

Any advise would be really appreciated, accounting is a very weak subject for me.



Or, are these fees (subscription, UPS, service fees), included in one of the other invoices in tax library?

These invoices are done day by day, and don’t list the individual fees, so i’m getting a bit confused.


First, are you sure that the accountant actually wants all of your invoices?
They don’t generally take copies of invoices, but expect you to provide them with the figures in order to your return/accounts.
You do need copies of them, for if there is ever an inspection, but that’s all.

Are you sure that your accountant is familiar with Amazon? If not, then you may want to consider changing your accountant as it can be quite convoluted.

If you search the forums, a lot of people deal with their accounts in different ways.
Take a look.


Thanks for the advise.

They don’t need the invoices, but they also do my bookkeeping, so I just email them all my invoices for everything. It’s just with coming to the VAT threshold, I want to make sure they get everything.

My accountant says they have other Amazon sellers, but i’m not convinced, so i’m going to see how it goes with the VAT registration process and go from there.

I’ll keep looking through the forums. thank you.


Fair enough.

There are a couple of things to watch out for.
First, any advertising invoices, will continue to charge vat on.
Normal fees, will be via the reverse charge scheme, so no actual vat on them, but you still need to account for it.
Also, any sales to places such as Jersey etc, will be without VAT. Again, under the reverse charge scheme. Personally, I don’t worry about these, as there are actually very few and just ignore them.
One of these days, I’ll go back over and account for them.

But why don’t you give the accountant access to your Amazon account? It need only be read only, but it does mean that they can get the figures directly, without having to send them stuff all the time.


Thanks, that’s all helpful. I will do some research on the reverse charge scheme. When you say the normal fees wont show VAT on them. Do you mean that once you tell Amazon your VAT number, they remove the VAT from future invoices?

I’ll hopefully be speaking to my accountant tomorrow and see what info they can give me.

Do you know if the inbound shipping and service fees are in one of the invoices Amazon already provide? or do I need to look elsewhere?


Yes, effectively you are not charged VAT on the invoices, but still need to account for it.

Take a look at:

Not sure about inbound shipping fees as I don’t use the service.
But I’m sure that it will be on an invoice somewhere…


Thank you Neil, you have been a great help.

Have a great day


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