Hermes Buy Shipping time limited rate promotion for MFN (Non-Prime) orders on Amazon


Hermes labels are now available on Buy Shipping and at a discounted rate of up to 20% for a limited time period

Hermes labels are now available on Buy Shipping and at a discounted rate of up to 20%, from September 1, 2021, to October 31, 2021, (inclusive). Discounted rates apply for Hermes Standard and Hermes Next Day services. Rates are ex VAT.

Benefits of Buy Shipping are: (1) Competitive shipping fees (2) Negative Customer Feedback protection related to delayed or undelivered packages (3) A-Z Guarantee Claim protection related to delivery problems (4) Automatic upload of tracking numbers.

For more information on Buy Shipping and discounted Hermes Rate card, please see below:

Buy Shipping Homepage

Buy Shipping via Seller Central and FAQs

Discounted Hermes Rate Card


This is great and brings the cost of the label down to exactly the same as P2G Inpost (also delivered by myhermes). However, the A-to-Z protection in my experience is non existent as in the past, a few myhermes labels I have purchased via SC that tracked as delivered were granted and the buyer fully refunded. It would be nice to know how to file an insurance claim or recoup postage costs in that event as parcel2go make it relatively simple but with SC bought labels, the process is unknown to me.

Will be using this for the other protections but wouldn’t count on the A-Z protection. I hope the prices stay this low even though I had a competitive advantage with this £1.95 rate already outside of SC.


Dont know if they are quoting us different prices, but the rate I’m seeing is not £1.95


That seems to be the rates without the promotional discount.


It can be £1.95 if you want to put the effort in which is what I go out of my way to do. I did say it was a competitive advantage but with amazon doing it at £1.95 for 1kg for all sellers means I no longer have so might aswell send with amazon SC for the extra seller “insurance”. Having said that, the small 2kg parcels are cheaper via P2G than 2kg with myhermes SC because they don’t distinguish between small and large 2kg on SC.

Also, Parcel2go smartsend is increasingly becoming dumbsend and my complaints to the VIP team fall on death ears. I welcome this price reduction and hope its here to stay.



2) A-to-Z Guarantee claims: If you purchase Amazon’s Buy Shipping and ship on time, you are protected against A-to-Z guarantee claims where a customer reports problems with delivery. These claims will not affect your Order Defect Rate but you are still responsible for the financial loss of these claims.

Why is the seller responsible for the financial loss when the contract is between Amazon and Hermes? If Hermes loses the order then it’s a contract term Amazon agreed with Hermes.

Also there is no clear information what the seller should do in the event the order is lost. There should be a clear step to step guide on the matter to help sellers who use this service.


The option to purchase insurance is not even possible as would be if the label was bought directly via myhermes or parcel2go.

The loss rate with myhermes is horrendous.


you certainly cant use the hermes claim mechanism when billed through az - as we found out with a missing return that hermes lost.


The prepaid returns process should be much clearer to avoid conflicts with the buyer. We also also aware many buyers do not return the order despite marking the order as returned at their end. Physically returning the order and marking the order as returned is two different issues. We are being advised to contact Royal Mail which we have done they have advised us the customer has not returned order. If they had then the order would have been scanned at the point of delivery having used the tracked return delivery. It appears to me some customers are abusing the Amazon own returns policy by marking the order as returned but not returning the order because they are aware the seller cannot deduct the postage costs from the refund. I would also like to add there should having something in the terms and conditions of sale which includes the deductions made by the seller for using the prepaid return label i.e ÂŁ3.35 therefore clear on from the outset. As we have all discovered returning low value orders its not worth returning because it would not be cost-effective to process the return. Anything less than ÂŁ7 the customer would get back less than 50% refund. If the order has diminished in value they would get nothing such as packaging is torn or the order has been used and unsuitable for resale. I personally think if the buyer has initiated a return and have decided to keep the order then the buyer should cancel the return request and not leave that to the seller. According to Amazon own policy once the buyer has initiated a return and marked the order as returned it would be returned to the seller with 48 hours however we have orders marked as returned over 20 days that have not been returned therefore a breach of Amazon terms and conditions returns policy that they made the seller accountable for.


Below is the message I have received from seller support…

Since they have been provided prepaid labels of Royal mail, please contact Royal mail about the status of the return orders. Kindly conform with Royal mail about the status of the return order and if you confirm that the order is not returned as per the return tracking provided by buyer, you can decline the refund and clearly communicate the reason with the buyer through Buyer-Seller Messaging.

Please note that it is mandatory for sellers to communicate with buyers about the reason for declining the return/refund via Buyer-Seller Messaging within 48 hrs.

I could not find the above express term in any part the prepaid returns policy. At the end of the day we do not always know when we are going to receive the order back unless it’s been scanned by Royal Mail upon return.

We would like to note that sellers are required to maintain return policies that match or exceed Amazon’s return policy to provide buyers with excellent service during the return process.


You could possibly use something like a Secursus policy to cover all of your parcels. Not sure how it would work via Buy Shipping though.


Buy Hermes and when the parcel is lost or damaged in transit Hermes will not take any responsibility and will direct to Amazon. Hermes stance is that the account belongs to Amazon so please contact Amazon for any loss or damage package.


its reasons like this that i won’t buy shipping via amazon. promise the earth and deliver F all and pass the buck at every opportunity. horrid company.


I have not had any bad experiences with Hermes to be honest. So far there appears to be a lot of confusing messages when the buyer initiated a return using the prepaid label but doesn’t return the order. I would have thought an auto close return within 14 days would save lots of messages to seller support who then refer you to links which does not address your concern.


Hi All,

I have just tried to buy myHermes shipping for an order but, whilst it went through ok, I seem unable to print the PDF label on my Apple MacBook (Safari browser)

Anyone else had this problem and managed to solve it?



Regarding confusing messages, I have had more than one buyer contact me to say the tracking Amazon was giving them for order sent via Buy Shipping Hermes was incorrectly telling them the order had been delivered and signed for by them. In both cases, when I checked the same tracking Amazon was telling me the parcel had been left in a safe place and there was a photo showing where the parcel was. Both parcels were then found outside their buildings by the respective customers but both were confused and annoyed that Amazon had told them they had signed for and received the parcel when they knew they hadn’t. I initially assumed both customers were trying it on but one of them sent me a screenshot of what Amazon was saying. It was Amazon that was not truthful. Just something to bear in mind.


This is how myhermes operate and amazon do business with them knowing their processes are like this. My advice to you is to create a template message for tracking details if you are going to use more myhermes shipping labels as you are going to be inundated with such messages. Copy and paste the template to customers that ask why it’s marked as delivered (when really it’s been left in a safe place and sometimes in the bin!), replace the tracking link with their custom tracking number and ask them to enter their postcode to get further details like GPS and Photo. Then take a screenshot of that page after reviewing it yourself and send it over for their convenience.


We have been utilising the Hermes integration through the Amazon/Hermes collaboration for months now. Parcels are lost every single week without fail (almost daily at times) We get absolutely no Amazon A-Z protection whatsoever despite their promises. We have moved large numbers of parcels to alternative couriers as we simply can’t handle the disgraceful level of losses that occur. Tracking clearly shows items arising at various hubs and then nothing. On many occasions the goods will arrive weeks after the customer has been refunded. You certainly wouldn’t want to be sending items greater in value than about £10. The offer would be fantastic if it was applied as described by Amazon! In reality we usually end up in a situation where the courier has lost the goods. Amazon along with Hermes have been paid and the only person out of pocket is the seller. Did use to try contacting “seller support” and all you get is “hmm I understand” and they then go on to demonstrate they are absolutely clueless and have absolutely no idea what the problem is. This is followed by case closed with a warning not to reopen or you’ll face suspension!


I’d like to add that myhermes have since updated their tracking numbers to make it similar to the ones they initially provided amazon during and after the hermes integration. The ones beginning T00T. This now makes it harder to distinguish between SC bought labels and those bought directly via myhermes or p2g which would be covered with at least £20 insurance.


I see, this isn’t good news for us. Did you ever figure out how to claim? They’ve lost a printer we sent out and Amz ruled in favor of the customer.