Hermes Buy Shipping time limited rate promotion for MFN (Non-Prime) orders on Amazon


You had any luck in contacting Amazon about loss or damage of a package that’s gone through Hermes via Buy shipping?


Can you buy Hermes shipping with insurance? Haven’t been able to figure it out


they just kept telling me to claim from hermes,

I even tried a safe-t claim as the refund was raised by customer services on a SFP order,
And still denied - tried reopening it - each time close - eventually the safe-t team locked the claim so I couldnt reopen it.


Not at all, Case opened for months but every time reply is that we are working on it. We have lost almost 3 parcels but Hermes is not taking any responsibility due to the account is on Amazon name hence stopped Hermes completely


I’d love to know where all the parcels Hemes loses end up. They must lose thousands or tens of thousands a day, and unlike other couriers I deal with they never find them again. That’s a serious operation required just to bin them all (the nicest possible explanation).


Hopefully someone at amazon reads this. Please make the tracking number copy and pastable from the labels.

This is some basic common sense productivity stuff.


There is a small disclaimer when you this buy now that the selected courier does not provide the insurance required as specified in the shipping settings.

I’m pretty sure this is an uninsured service.


Are you able to upgrade the Hermes drop-off label to a collection service?


When the hermes integration was happening, I was part of the trials. They mentioned collections was coming.


Well you can buy ‘lost’ parcels from these firms for £1 a piece! Let me know if you find a Canon printer via Hermes if you do !! Haha


Yes I think it is too, I have clocked that message. Just wondered whether you could as doing it through Hermes themselves or P2G manually putting in labels is a faff and a half!


we have claimed back for lost Hermes parcels that were purchased via the Buy Shipping button.

The following page has more information:
Help / Manage orders / Tasks & tools / Use Buy Shipping services / Resolve carrier operational issues with Buy Shipping services

The section on Hermes states:

File a claim with Hermes

For a loss and damage claim, if you use Hermes on Buy Shipping services as the carrier to fulfil your seller-fulfilled orders, refer to this link to find more information on how to file a loss or damage claim and request a claims form.

In the first instance when we went to Hermes they referred us back to Amazon. We referred Hermes to this Help page and continually requested a claims form till we got one.
Occasionally they reject a claims form request and we have to speak to our Account Manager (we have a direct account with Hermes).

The max value we have ever claimed is around £40 (cost of item and cost of delivery) and we’ve been paid for around 40 lost parcels in the last two months.

Hate using them as they lose so many, which loses us repeat business from annoyed customers.


But that is because you have an account manager and were able to actually speak to Hermes.

We don’t so the only way to contact them is via the chat facility or the automated phone line and as soon as you put in the tracking number (which you have to, to proceed) you just get told that you have to contact Amazon. There is no way to continue the chat or the phone call after that. No way to speak to a human to ask for the claim form.

How are you managing to request the claim forms, what contact method as I’ve never managed to get past the automated system.


we email
hope that helps!


Thanks for this, how often is it succesfull?


once the claim form has been issued we have a 100% success rate getting the money back from Hermes.


Apoligies for bumping this thread but I have since encountered a few A-to-Z where myhermes have simply lost the parcel and I shipped it on time. I accept the financial lose part of it but the A-to-Z template still says it counts against me which we all can agree is totally unfair.


I think many agree with you. We have had a number who have abused the returns policy. I am surprised the systems hasn’t detected this abuse a group of males all the around same age who advertise themselves on LinkedIn.

Which actually breaches the Terms and Conditions Sale & Use below paragraph 7

You must not use any Amazon Service:

i) in any way that causes, or is likely to cause, any Amazon Service, or any access to it to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way, or
(ii) for fraudulent purposes, or in connection with a criminal offence or other unlawful activity, or
(iii) to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.

When reporting the buyer about the abuse I am being asked which policy :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve only just seen it, is there a claim form that you email to the email above or is it that you just send them an email and that’s the form per-se?


you have to enlarge it, take a screen shot and then print from that screen shot