Hijackers on our listing, Amazon not helping


Several of our listings have been hijacked recently by other sellers. Hijacking as in “sellers do not list offers that matches against the detail page”. They may sell something similar, but not the same item, especially since all products carry our logos. All of these are private label products and we are the exclusive distributor, we don’t have resellers.

I have repeteadly tried to report these violations to Amazon, as they suggested. But all of these go unanswered and I’m getting the same copy-paste response which essentially says what I have already done: report the violation (or fill out the infringement form).

But these aren’t intellectualy property violations, but simply unethical sellers using our listings to sell something that doesn’t match against the product detail page. On the infringement report page it also says that I should report the violation in this case.

But reporting the violation just ends up in the same wall-of-text which says I report a violation. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

Anyone know of a proven way to get rid of hijackers?


Do you not have brand registry on the item?
But what you can do, is to buy a single item from these other people.
Then once received, take photos and report them as selling an item different to the description.


We do have a brand registry word trademark. But not all of our products bear this trademark. Luckily, one of the hijacked product does.

How do I use the brand registry to remove the hijacker? All I see is trademark infringement and non seem to apply specifically for my case.


Log in to your Brand Registry page to report them.