Holding my money and going around in circles


Help! It’s driving me mad!
I’m a new seller and have been selling well and getting paid for several months.

My disbursements were then put on hold as they wanted a letter of authorization to sell.
I uploaded this on the 12th July and had a message this was verified and my account was fully functioning.
Disbursements were still showing zero so I raised a case to as why.
I was then told that my documents needed validation. I explained they had been, they said no… this has continued now for 16 days.
Alternate massages that I’m validated, and a message that I am not.
They never ask for any other documentation or suggest what the problem is.

I have missed on disbursement and now look as if I’m missing another
I’m not restocking FBA as this is crazy! They have thousands of ££’s of my money.

I’ve tried to call but the calls keep getting cut. I’m yet to speak to a person

Can anyone give my any advice please?



Is this a question regarding your Amazon Pay account or just the regular Seller Central disbursements?

If you would like some help from experienced sellers, please post here all communication which you received from Amazon regarding the matter.


Hi Kika,
It’s my regular seller Central disbursements. I’d really appreciate some help please. I’ll make a list of the correspondence for you now.


Ok, please post everything here.

Seller Account verification is nothing unusual and disbursements are often withheld until Amazon verifies your information.


12th July - Documents uploaded successfully
14th July validated
16th July disbursements showing zero so I opened a case for information.
the reply:
‘…As discussed, I am happy to confirm that your account status is active and there are no listing or disbursement holds affecting your selling…’
22nd July still nothing showing in payments so opened another case:
the reply
Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that your account is under review for a letter of authorisation.
I can see that this was uploaded on 12 July, however your account is still showing that this is outstanding.

I will transfer this case to our verification team and ask them to manually review this.

*** Most importantly, this case will show as resolved and virtually empty of contacts in your case log - please do not re-open this as our verification team use a completely different system to Seller Support. Once we transfer the case, it will show as resolved and create a new case in their system, moving those contacts to their system. However if the case is re-opened it will revert those contacts back to Seller support and delay the process.

They may be able to process the account as is or they may ask you to upload the document once more, just to re-trigger the verification process. If this is needed, please upload the same document as before. However, I am asking them to see if they can manually process this without a further upload.

24th July email from them to say validation was complete and my account was back to normal

25th July disbursement due and email saying no payments were being made due to lack of validation

.26th July - payments still showing as stopped and zero
email to say they were still looking into it…

26th July
separate email stating my account was still being validated.

Today 28th I have tried to call repeatedly and the calls are being dropped.

I would try to reload my letter of authorization, but as it’s uploaded successfully it won’t let me!

OMG! Help!


Could you post here all the communication which you received from Amazon, with any Seller Support cases excluded?

As the regular Seller Support is unable to help or provide any relevant information regarding verification issues.


Hi Kika,
sorry I’ve been away for a bit
We are now at a stage where they have combined all my pleading open cases into one case and asked me to stop emailing them! They have said they are looking into it.
I’m searching the forum as I’m sure there was an email address posted somewhere to send documents.
I will send my letter of authority directly and see if that get the process moving.
I’m very reluctant to restock now until I get paid. They have so much of my money :frowning:


This is correct as you shouldn’t be opening duplicate cases over the same issue, to comply with Amazon’s Duplicate Cases Policy:


Simply wait for Amazon to get back to you as any additional case will be only closed and merged with the original one.

There is an e-mail address for verification issues: seller-verification-enquiry@amazon.co.uk


Thank you so much.

I have also found the list of appeal questions that you suggest someone completed on another post and I will send those as well as copies of my previously uploaded letter and keep my fingers crossed.



You are welcome, good luck :)))

If you receive any news, feel free to update your thread.