How are Amazon selling our products?


I hope someone can shed some light on this.
We are the manufacturer of our products and control tightly who gets hold of out items for resell purposes.
We are currently out of stock on Amazon and awaiting our new shipment to reach their warehouse.
I just noticed that Amazon are selling it under the ‘Sold and shipped by Amazon’ badge, and they seem to have 150+ units available.
How is this possible??


Looks like it arrived! Expect a notification soon that your shipment is missing. :wink:


We only just sent it a few days ago so that isn’t possible. Any other ideas?


Presumably they are listing an incorrect item against your ASIN. I would do a test purchase.

Either they have the wrong item or is it possible your manufacturer is selling stock out the side door?


I have a similar problem.
Amazon jumped on a listing I created and sell on (Private Label).
I done a test purchase from Amazon and it WAS indeed different to the product listing (Different Material, No Brand/Logo on product, No Instructions included, No Carry Pouch included) so I reported it as ‘Listing Abuse’ as advised by Seller support, 6 weeks later and Amazon are still on the listing…


Amazon will list certain products through Amazon Global Imports and Amazon EU Sarl, they act as a normal buyer and typical list your products on EU or worldwide market places where you may not, there is no pattern or consistencey to how they operate this, but both accounts are by far our largest customers, the prices sold at are higher than our prices but not as high if we’d sold through EU FBA.

This assumes your product is listed and sold by Amazon EU Sarl where you do not have a vendor account.


If we have our brand registered on Amazon UK, does that automatically register it on the rest of the European marketplaces?

They are now claiming that our brand isn’t registered and therefore they can do what they want, though it clearly shows it being registered in our account.


I believe it need to be registered on each marketplace.


Seems you might have been onto something there.
Our shipment hadn’t arrived then (we only dispatched it on Thursday, but it was sent express with 1-day shipping), but now it has arrived and all of it has disappeared.

On Friday it showed that most of the 450 units had been received. Suddenly now it shows only 30 and Amazon are back to selling it again.

They aren’t showing in inbound or reserved either.

What are we supposed to do? Do Amazon really go and steal shipments???


Do you really expect me to answer that on a public forum?
Immediately request a callback, open a case and report suspected abuse on the Amazon listing they will soon react.
Good luck


We’ve tried all that and it’s like talking to a wall - all they say is that we have to give 14 days for the shipment to be received blah blah.

I tried reporting it under our brand registry account though that didn’t help. Where else do I report abuse?

Thanks for your help.


The normal route is to wait for reconcilliation where you will be reimbursed for any sold missing items. In the meantime not much more you can do.
Your stock could also be in the process of being transferred to different centres. Annoying but try not to worry. Delays are the norm this time of year.


The problem is that we’re talking about 420 units. That sell for 100 EUR per piece.

Let me ask you this - when a shipment is in receiving status - where should the numbers show? They aren’t showing in inbound & nor in reserved (where it would usually show if in process of being transferred or processed). Shouldn’t it be showing in at least one of these categories?


But if the label came off somehow so that Amazon don’t know who the stock came from then they can’t assign the goods to any of those categories.
Your stock seems to have arrived and somehow Amazon have appropriated it and are selling it.
You can’t see where your stock is because they haven’t assigned it to you anywhere, but after the reconciliation period has expired you will be able to claim for the missing stock.
Best case scenario for you would be that they do NOT locate it, as you would then have the equivalent of a sell out with nil returns.


They were selling it already even before it arrived at the fulfilment centre. So it’s not a case of simply losing it.

Would you be able to clarify regarding your last sentence? Why is it better they don’t locate it?

And also, will they for sure reimburse or they might say that they never received it?

Thanks all for your input, we’re pretty concerned about this.


Of course you are, but please rest assured any missing inventory will be reimbursed.


If you have the proof of delivery but they can’t locate the stock then you will be able to get a reimbursement for all 420 units, so in effect you will end up as if you had sold all the stock, but with a zero return rate.
If Amazon are selling the goods themselves then they will be unable to turn round later and say “Oh look, we found it all so are reversing your reimbursement”., because they won’t have it [all] anymore.
The proof of delivery to the FBA centre is crucial to you though.

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