How can I get prime badge


I have recently started selling on Amazon , I looked into FBA but the fees were too high for my product and I can’t increase the price to much as it won’t be worth it.
Is there a way to get a prime badge without FBA?


only through SFP which may cost you more


It if FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) are the only ways I know you can get the prime badge.

SFP is where you supply the products yourself using approved carriers to get the delivery in the timescale given (normally next day). You also have to despatch 6 days a week in order to qualify for the badge. You have to go through a trial period in order to get the prime badge on your listing.


Would your product/s be eligible for the ‘small and light’ option (currently below or equal to £9 and fits within a ‘large envelope’ size of 33 X 23 X 2.5 cm or less, and weighs 225g or less)? If so, the S&L fees are cheaper than normal FBA.

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