How do Amazon calculate the amount for a lost item reimbursement?


We had an FBA order shipped to Italy that didn’t arrive. Cost of the item was just over 9 euros and the item was never returned to our inventory.

45 days later FBA have provided us with a reimbursement, but the amount they’ve refunded is 2.10 EUR. Is there logic behind this amount or do they just pluck a figure from thin air?

Obviously not a huge amount of money either way, but for future reference I’m wondering how Amazon decide how much they reimburse for items lost during FBA fulfillment.


Yes this is a problem lately…please see thread below.


The calculation is: pick a number minus fees minus another number = reimbursement


I was trying to write a formula to show it more clearly but it was far to complicated for me! lol
But I do prefer your calculation method, much easier to explain. :grinning:


You’re lucky to get any reimbursement - we have 4 items dating back to May “damaged in fulfilment centre” that we can’t seem to get any reimbursement for.

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