How do I cross-list from UK to DE/FR/IT/ES? Only small % of products are showing with stock in other marketplaces


I have shipped 21 SKUs to UK fulfillment centers. As I am a part of the EFN program, I thought these listings would be automatically created in the other EU marketplaces.

However, I am just seeing 3, 5 and 1 active listings respectively in each of the FR/IT/ES marketplaces.

Do I need to do something manually? I just tried listing an ASIN manually in IT as FBA, but the stock levels don’t transfer from the UK. For example, I have 6 in stock in the UK but 0 in IT, even when using the same SKU and ASIN as in the UK marketplace.

This is very odd because I am indeed having sales on multiple platforms on the few ASINs that were automatically cross-listed.

Grateful for any helpful answer!


Not all asins are available for EFN
There’s an asin checker I believe on help pages

Did you create listings in EU using BIL ?

Are you registered for EPR in France and Germany ?


Great questions @The_Little_Shop. Have you done this @Frank_Minde88?


Hey there. Thanks for taking the time to answer!

I am not allowed to sell on Germany (haven’t fixed LUCID yet) but I am on the other marketplaces. The odd thing is that some listings cross-list automatically while others not, so I don’t think its a marketplace issue. I have not specifically used a tool to cross-list - it just happened automatically since I put it up for FBA in the UK.

For example, in Spain, 6 of 23 items list automatically and sync perfectly. However some come up as “Need your attention” - Find a provider for no apparent reason. No idea what this means and it just takes me to a Service Provider Network menu where a dozen of different services are offered.

Upon checking, it seems to have to do with my return settings for exempt items where ES is the only marketplace where I am not allowed to do “Seller Prepaid”

On others it says “Inventory out-of-stock in” even though I do have UK stock.
And after running a report some listings are “Active” but “Not Synchronsed” for some reason.

Attached is a screenshot of a problematic ASIN that has 1 unit in UK stock when I click on edit and Manage offers in other marketplaces:

France - Active with 1 in stock - Fantastic!

Spain - Inactive with 0 in stock - WTF
Italy - ASIN is hidden in this marketplace - ???


We have a very similar problem… Our listing problem is in Germany, seems to work fine everywhere else. Not sure why our ASIN would not be eligible in Germany as our competitors all operate there?


are you registered for EPR ?