How do i escalate an Amazon/Avalara Case if there is no response for 30 days?


There is something Amazon nees to do in their system in order for Avalara to be able to proceed with our German VAT documents.
Avalara initially told us in September that its not up to them, its up to Amazon, and Amazon is looking at the issue.
Amazon is not reachable. We contact them through the case submissions. they seem to ignore the case as they dont reply. its just “pending amazon action”. its probably too complicated for their first line responders.
How do i escalate? they ll never proceed, and we dont have Avalara representatives to push.


When you find out, please let me know. I’ve been waiting 2 months for a simple thing from them!

While the filing is done ok now we are set up - trying to get hold of someone is impossible. I’ve tried calling their number, and just get put through via VoIP to an office in the USA… with someone who is half asleep and doesn’t understand my questions.

Good luck!