How do I get people to find me on handmade


I am new to Amazon Handmade. I was just wondering if anybody can tell me how I can get people to find my products on handmade. Is there a link that will take people to my Amazon Handmade Shop if I do Facebook or Instagram ads.


Whats one of your asins ?


this is the asin B09NWGMDN6


Says unavailable

I was going to search your product then send you a link to your storefront

Any other items ?


As has been mentioned, since you sell in handmade you will have a storefront and a maker profile(?) that you could link to.

I would though spend some time getting your listings improved - that’s based purely on seeing the one you gave the ASIN for.


Do you already have followers on social media (e.g. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or personal blog)? If so, maybe pick the channel where you get the most followers or traffic, and then - as @The_Little_Shop says - make sure you link to either your maker profile or a specific individual product. For example, the place where I’ve got the most followers is Pinterest at the moment, so that’s where I concentrate my activity.

Having said that, maybe it’s a fluke but I managed to reach #1 rank in an AH subcategory just through making my product available on Amazon, and not through using ads anywhere - including within Amazon. It was only after I hit #1 that I started experimenting with Amazon ads, and I’ve actually dropped down the rankings since switching on the ads! I’ve heard in a few places that Amazon is basically “a search engine for people who are actively looking to buy something”, so I’ve assumed that careful selection of keywords is a major factor in getting visibility for products. So you could also try double-checking the keywords that you’re using, to see if you can make any tweaks there.


It may also be worth trying the ‘enhance your listings’ tool:


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Hey! All the feedback and tips recommended above are great advise!

I wanted to add that you can also watch this webinar, which is an intro to Listing Your First Product , things like having the proper title, bullet points, search terms and images on white background are important assets that can improve searchability on the Handmade category.

There are also some useful help pages:


Wish you good luck, we’ve been on Amazon Handmade for years and whilst sales were decent at one point, they are non existent now, we had a few “best sellers” which gave us good exposure, but then sales dropped without reason or warning, our visibility went from pretty decent to non existent, so we started again, removed all listings and relisted using slightly different wordings, etc, and have tweaked ever since, the result, nothing, very very little sales. When someone searches on the main Amazon search, handmade is lucky to appear anywhere there, it’s only when people actually enter the handmade category and specifically search using that they appear, and even then it’s hit and miss most times. No idea what’s happening or what’s changed but something clearly has and our sales went from decent to zero overnight.


All the advise given above is spot on, just one further point to note, it can take a little time for your products to show up when new, the more people look at them the higher they rank, and the more impressions you will get, so you do just need to be a little patient with new listings.

The most important thing with Amazon is to provide good customer service, this means answering any questions as soon as possible, and 7 days a week where you can, aso ensuring that you dispatch your products quickly when you do get orders, as this will also help your sales ranking and visibility.

Amazon is a very powerfull platform if used correctly, be prepared for some ups and downs, but stick with it, and good luck with your new venture.

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