How do I have UK and Germany FBA only?


I currently use Pan European FBA, however, due to VAT restrictions I only want to use FBA in UK and Germany.
I am VAT registered in both these countries, I just need to know how to make these changes. I’m sure I’ve seen this setting somewhere in my account but can’t seem to find it anymore.
Thanks in advance.


In order to set this, please visit the following link:

and then pick the countries, where you would like to have your FBA inventory stored.



As medntioned, you can enable / disable each country you want (for FBA). This means you have to ship to each country though (and manage the stock manually). This is what we did for a while and its quite manageable on smaller catalogs.

We moved over to PAN FBA last year, and while it has helped with re-stocking (as you just send to one warehouse), it also has all the other costs assosiated with setting up the VAT numbers in PL/CZ/FR/ES/IT, and then your monthly/quarterly fees.


Thanks for the information.
I presume that my listings will remain the same, so any orders from France, Italy or Spain will only be fulfilled from Germany?


Yes, that’s correct.

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