How do I know which country orders are fulfilled from


Hello All

We have recently started storing inventory in Germany in addition to our home marketplace in the UK.
As we have to invoice customers with the right VAT information, we need to know whether the order was fulfilled from a German warehouse or a UK warehouse.
I tried a few reports but can’t seem to find this information.
I haven’t activated the automated invoicing at the moment because we are not registered for VAT in the UK at the moment (under the threshold, although not for much longer), and I don’t trust the amazon system to invoice correctly.

I asked seller support, but they were as useful as ever, and answered about all the benefits I would get if I were to switch to MCI… and that the closest warehouse would be used. Maybe I should keep google maps open to check for each order which warehouse is the closest:roll_eyes:

I reopened the case, and I’ll post the answer if I find it before someone else here.

Thanks for your help

  • Amazon Fulfilled Shipments contains fulfillment-center-id from which you can derive the country (near realtime)
  • Amazon VAT Transactions Report contains DEPARTURE_COUNTRY (monthly)


Thank you!
Indeed I can see the fulfilment centre id in the first report.

I am even more grateful for your answer, as seller support just replied for the second time : “In this regard, i like to inform you that if you allow to store the inventory in UK or Germany the order will fulfill from nearest FC.
If you are storing inventory in Germany and order placed from UK then order will fulfill from nearest FC which will be in UK and vice-versa.”

I will try the vat transaction report at the end of the month, hopefully I will be able to use it for the VAT return.

Thanks again!

  • It’s not always that easy. They WILL send stuff around in every possible way, incl. DE->UK and UK->DE
  • Watch out: Your VAT is not only tied to the source, but sometimes also to the destination, ex.:
	UK -> UK 20%
	UK -> IE 20%
	UK -> DE 19%

	DE -> UK 20%
	DE -> IE 19%
	DE -> DE 19%
  • The German tax office expects a letter from you,
    where you declare that ALL deliveries from DE to the UK will be charged with 20% UK-VAT. Otherwise, you might be double-charged with DE- and UK-VAT.
    “Verzicht auf die Anwendung der Lieferschwelle nach § 3c Abs. 4 UStG”



I will look into this letter once we register for UK VAT next month, this is not something I have seen before, so thanks for pointing it out.
At the moment, we only have DE VAT, which would not be so complicated if it were not for amazon’s tendency to complicate things wherever possible…

I’m aware of the fact that VAT is charged differently according to source and destination. We also sell in the other 3 EU marketpaces, and only Amazon knows whether an order will be sent from UK or DE for any given order, so getting the information was my first issue.
Thanks again for helping with this.

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