How do potential customers see my store?


Hi hope someone can help.
I just spent a load of time creating a Brand Store for my product, new images, videos, text, etc. However, when I search Amazon and click on my product I am taken to my regular product detail page and not the store I created with the videos!
Is there a way to make my new store the landing page for customers, i.e. when they click on my product image they are taken directly to my store?


In a word, No.
What you can do, assuming that you have a professional account, is to provide a link to any customers that request it, to your storefront.

Though I think if branded and they click on the brand itself, it will take them to the brand page.


Thanks Neil, yes my product is branded, I was aware that customers can click on the brand name which will take them to my store, but I guess how many Amazon customers know this feature?
It’s a shame really as my store lets me add so much more vital information and videos, yet its invisible unless you know what to click!